Replacing the intel wireless card, available for around 5 dollars on ebay


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  1. Find the battery
    • Find the battery

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  2. Pull the tab to release the battery
    • Pull the tab to release the battery

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    • Pull the battery out

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    • Use your screwdriver to unscrew and lift up the panel on the right labeled with a C

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    • Pull off the two wires connected to the wireless card

    • They should come off fairly easy

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    • Pull the two tabs away from the card and pull up on the intel card

    • Then pull it away from the holding slot to remove it

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    • When placing in your new wireless card, connect the two wires before inserting into the slot

    • Then line it up, put the card in at an angle and push down so the side tabs lock it into place

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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dell latitude D600 Laptop

Can you please help me, I cant release my wireless card, by pulling the tabs on cards sides.?

It just doesn't release the card to pull out, is there any other way I can remove my card.?

Email me if you can .


Thanking you Rob

rob wilson - Antwort

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