In this guide you will be able to remove the DVD drive from the Acer aspire 5100 laptop.


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    • Find the sliding tab with a small battery symbol next to it. Push the tab to the left to eject the battery

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    • Remove the 4 screws securing the large cover on the upper right hand side.

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    • Carefully remove the cover from where the screws were. You will see the fan on the top right corner.

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    • Turn over the laptop so the back of it is facing up. There are several components you want to remove. Start with the largest component. Get your screw driver and remove the screws holding the component in place. Then slowly lift off the component to expose the RAM.

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    • Use a flathead screw driver to remove the one screw securing the DVD drive.

    • Push out the DVD drive.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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