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  1. M305 Wireless mouse
    • M305 Wireless mouse

  2. Turn mouse over to reveal the battery cover removal button.
    • Turn mouse over to reveal the battery cover removal button.

    • Slide the button back and then release in over to remove battery cover on the top of mouse.

    • Remove small top access screw.

    • Remove (gently) sticky pads with the spudger or a sharp knife/cutter.

    • After removing all four sticky pads, unscrew the four screws. One screw for each hole.

    • Once screws are removed, the top comes off, but be careful not to pull to hard because of the attached wires.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Oh, bless. You enabled me to revive my M305! Its mouse wheel had ceased to scroll reliably. Following your instructions, I was able to clean out all the accumulated dust and hair and lint that was getting in the way, and now it works like new.

I would add just one more step: There is a screw towards the front of the mouse which holds the wheel down. Remove that, lift out the entire wheel unit, and then you can get at any built-up yuck that was trapped between the wheel and the board.

vortexae - Antwort

I am so glad that this project helped you so much. I will add that next step and thank you for telling me about it. I am planning on adding more in the future. If there is something that you would like to see on here, just comment here and I will see if I can do it or have the item here.

Thanks again.

Darren - Antwort

I've found the answer! How to separate out the on-off switch:

The circuit board is fixed to the base/bottom of the mouse by one silver screw in the center--you can see the screw clearly in the last photo Darren posted. Remove that screw, and lift out the circuit board. Since the on-off switch is just sandwiched between the circuit board and the mouse's base, it will fall out freely as you do this.

vortexae -

one additional thing that's nifty is to get rid of the spin wheel "click." to do this, once it's guts are exposed, take off the wheel mount, remove the wheel from the mount, and stick a small flat head screw driver in the open side to pry out the spinning part. a small ball bearing will fall out - that's what creates the friction and the "click" when you spin the wheel. now put everything back together and presto! smooth wheeling!

Adam Pyburn - Antwort

But but but I *like* the click! 0.0 Seriously, though, it's really cool that even *that* is user-serviceable. It's amazing how accessible this piece of equipment is.

(I wandered back here today because the left button had gotten suddenly unreliable, and I needed to remind myself how to take the mouse apart. Once again, cleaned out the dust and everything was fine. Must remember not to leave mouse in the same room where sawdust is flying...)

While I'm commenting: Darren (or anyone), do you have any tips on separating out the on-off switch? The raised "crossbar" texture has gotten so worn down that I can no longer switch mouse on or off with a fingertip; I have to dig a fingernail in there, or the tip of a tool. I'd like to give that switch a couple coats of nail lacquer or polycrylic or similar, to build the texture up so that the switch is fingertip-operable again. But I don't want to try it while the switch is in its little oval recess and risk gumming up the works.

...I really hope that made sense.

vortexae -

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