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To reassemble your device, follow the complete video

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fantastic video guide! thanks

Carlo - Antwort

Brilliant, best that I have found.

andy brown - Antwort

Thank you for this excellent video guide !

Matthieu Imbert - Antwort

Thanks for the excellent guide. Your video has perfect quality, its easy to follow. With the help of your guide I was able to change the damaged screen in about 20 min.

Michael Pirker - Antwort

Excellent guide. I managed to change a broken screen in a couple of hours. Well, it actually took a little longer... the digitizer was broken but the LCD looked ok so I just bought the digitizer (around $14 on ebay) and then separated the LCD from the broken digitizer. It really hard. I ended up with a broken LCD. So I bought the LCD+Digitizer ($46) and that was easy. Its working fine now.

Pedro - Antwort

You sir, are awesome. Only thing I would say is that for me it was a Phillips #000 that worked. #00 was too big.

Michael Garramone - Antwort

Amazing video, thank you!!!

Ivan Zipfer - Antwort

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