Nothing is more disappointing than building a radio just to find that it refuses to catch any signal in the FM world. I have come to find that this can occur in the Elenco model when the capacitor, C-22, is either broken or disconnected. This guide should be adequate in showing you how to remove and replace the capacitor.


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  • Remove the battery and the antenna.

  • Pre-heat the soldering iron.

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  • Place hot solder iron on thermal pad, capacitor lead, and the mound of solder until solder liquefies.

  • Apply desoldering pump to remove the solder from the circuit board.

  • Repeat the instructions to remove solder from the adjacent solder mound.

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  • Gently remove the capacitor by pulling the two leads out of the circuit board.

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  • Place the leads of the capacitor through designated holes of the circuit board.

  • Place solder iron on the thermal pad and the lead.

  • Once this is done wait a few seconds until both items heat up.

  • Once they are heated, apply the solder to the other side so that the solder iron and the solder are not directly touching.

  • Wait 3 to 5 seconds or until enough solder covers the whole pad and forms a nice mound.

  • Remove the solder, leaving the solder iron on the pad for 2 to three seconds, then remove the solder iron.

  • Repeat for the other lead.

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  • Plug the battery in and attach the antenna to test the radio.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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