Did one of your strings ripped? Are any of your strings starting to rust and needs replacing? Use this guide to replace your strings.

This guide will show a guitar novice how to properly install and remove all six strings in an acoustic guitar. In addition, this guide will also help introduce tuning the guitar by ear.


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On the head of the guitar, unroll the string from its tuning peg.
  • On the head of the guitar, unroll the string from its tuning peg.

  • Once the string is unrolled, remove the string by sliding it out of the small hole in its tuning peg.

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Remove the peg from the bridge but pulling it out of its hole.
  • Remove the peg from the bridge but pulling it out of its hole.

  • Pull the string out of the hole.

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  • Insert the end of the string with the small hole in it in the opened peg in the bridge.

  • Start to insert the peg in the hole with the string under it.

  • Push the peg down tightly to make sure that the string will not pop out when enough resistance is put in it.

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  • Pull the string and line it around the tuning peg, underneath the hole. Make sure that the resistance is pretty strong.

  • Wrap the remaining strings on the tuning peg about 5 or 6 times.

  • Slide the remaining end of the string through the hole and hold it in place.

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  • Twist the tuning peg to the right to tighten it.

  • Make sure that the string has enough resistance that when it is strummed, there is a tone.

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  • You can use a tuner by just playing each string in front of it and then just turn the fasteners until the tuner shows that the sound matches its appropriate sound.

  • Another way is by ear, press down on the fifth fret and the preceding string in which you are trying to tune. For example, if you are tuning the high E string, press down the B string, 5th fret.

  • Strumming the B stringwhile pressing down on the 5th fret should make the sound of open E string.

  • Match the sounds of both strings and this will tune the high E string.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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