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Ersetze die komplette Display-Einheit deines Fairphone 2.


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  1. Löse die Rückschale, indem du einfach an einer der Ecken beginnst und dich am Rand entlang arbeitest. Nimm die Rückschale ab.
    • Löse die Rückschale, indem du einfach an einer der Ecken beginnst und dich am Rand entlang arbeitest.

    • Nimm die Rückschale ab.

    My cover is broken - the rubber is lifting from the hard plastic. What can I do? Where can I purchase replacement cases? Perhaps the iFixit app could affiliate with the parts suppliers and host a link for when parts go missing or broken.

    Osh Gates - Antwort

    Thanks for the hint. We added a link to the spare part directly from Fairphone (also for all the other guides and parts). Be aware that Fairphone only ships to European continental countries as stated on their page: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/a...

    Tobias Isakeit -

    It wasn’t obvious that the outer rim of the cover alaso need to be unclipped after the back cover was removed.

    Once I did that, everything was easier.

    Stephen Morton - Antwort

    It wasn’t obvious that the outer rim of the case also needed to be removed. Once I worked this out, everything was much easier.

    Stephen Morton - Antwort

    I am with Stephen Morton. I didn’t understand that there was an independent rim, but once I saw Stephen’s comment, it was quite easy. I think you should add this as a stage in this process.

    M ichael Cross - Antwort

    The image is misleading. The black rim and the back cover are two different items and do not come out together. The first to be removed is the back cover, here the transparent item, and then remove the black rim in the opposite direction as the back cover. Please fix the image, as it can be risky to try to do it as shown.

    Domingo Alvarez Mendez - Antwort

    I’ll add to what other people are saying, trying to raise the topic for a change. You cannot remove the cover as a whole, it has two pieces that must come separately.

    Aloïs Glibert - Antwort

    The above confusion comes from the fact the picture shows the original 1-piece cover with a soft rubber rim, whereas all recent FP2 are sold with the new slim cover that comes in 2 part : first remove the back, then the front part. Hope this helps!

    -> the pictures should be updated as they are not accurate for new users most probably needing the help now

    tonidekohlanta - Antwort

    We have a separate guide for replacing the slim case version of the back cover / bumper. You can find it here: Fairphone 2 Slim Case Austauschen

    Tobias Isakeit - Antwort

  2. Drücke die Batterie leicht nach oben. Nimm die Batterie nach unter heraus. Nimm die Batterie nach unter heraus.
    • Drücke die Batterie leicht nach oben.

    • Nimm die Batterie nach unter heraus.

    It isn't necessary to remove the rim if all you are doing is changing the battery. That becomes necessary if you are to proceed farther into the phone.

    It might be good to begin by saying switch the phone off. The Fairphone is for everybody and most will have no experience of disassembling electronic devices.

    Jim Kinnibrugh - Antwort

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  4. Nachdem der Akku herausgenommen wurde entriegelst du die Display-Einheit. Stelle hierfür die beiden blauen Schalter auf die innere Position. Schiebe die Display-Einheit nach unten.
    • Nachdem der Akku herausgenommen wurde entriegelst du die Display-Einheit.

    • Stelle hierfür die beiden blauen Schalter auf die innere Position.

    • Schiebe die Display-Einheit nach unten.

    Being technically nervous I couldn't do this. I didn't know how much pressure, pull or push was required.

    Roger Halford - Antwort

    After I'd watched the video my confidence increased!

    Roger Halford - Antwort

    It was a bit stiff and not so easy.

    M ichael Cross - Antwort

    I have not this easy access to the two blue switches. How Can I do that?

    Anne - Antwort

    Super, nachdem ich’s im Video gesehen habe, war es supereasy, vielen Dank!

    Imke - Antwort

    You don´t mention taking the rim off the display first. That stymied me completely. Do add that to your otherwise clear and helpful instructions. Best wishes - Walt Patterson

    Walt Patterson - Antwort

    This guide is based on the old bumper made in one piece. We should update to the sandwich bumper with a top and bottom part.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    I agree. Took a while to figure that one out!

    Jenny White -

    Sorry, I can not slide away the display assembly to change the main camera module. The 2 blue switches seem to be locked. Cristiano, Italy

    Cristiano Gillardi - Antwort

    I replay to myself: I did it at last! ! But it was very, very, very, very hard!

    Cristiano Gillardi -

    Can’t get any movement at all on screen been trying for over an hour and others too ! there is no way to grip it as its so slippery have tried putting as much presure as possible on display by pushing far end of it with thin plastic implement and endless wiggling and pressing of every possible part of lower case no joy ! feels like its attached at mid sides. Elinor Rivers

    Elinor Rivers - Antwort

    try sliding along the display while applying some pressure two or three times. it worked really easily for me

    Elisa Werner - Antwort

    • Eine weitere Möglichkeit, die Display-Einheit aufzuschieben.

    Impossible de déplacer l'écran vers le bas chez moi. Je n'ose pas forcer... c'est normal?

    benbahmedf - Antwort

    I can not slide the display assembly. Some help?

    Laura Ivorra - Antwort

    The display sits very tight.

    So you need to gently apply a little force to slide it open the first time.

    It is hard to get a good grip on the two parts for a successful "magic move".

    Tobias Isakeit - Antwort

    Leider kann ich weder mit "little force" noch mit "much force" das Display nach der Entriegelung bewegen. Wer kann mit mehr Details helfen?

    Christine Heckmann - Antwort

    It did work for me. Make sure, you have unlocked the blue switches in step 3 (sorry, had to mention that). if you can't get a grip, you might try to lay a ruler or two credit cards on top of each other on a table that is tight at the wall,

    - place the ruler/credit cards on the table and just attaching the wall

    - place the PF2 with the display upside down on the table in front of the ruler/credit cards with the blue switches towards you and the headphone plug attaching the ruler/cards.

    - then gently but with increasing force push your two thumbs towards the top of the main FP2 unit (or use more fingers to push both in the centre as well as on the two edges). make sure you push horizontally and that the ruler is not higher than the border of the display unit (1.5-2 mm).

    (hope i could explain myself in and understandable way! ;-) )

    metaworx - Antwort

    Thank you a lot ! This worked for me.

    Nicolas Dudermel -

    Thanks, it worked for us as well.

    deRahier -

    great tip! Thanks so much

    Matthew Kelly -

    Really helped! This way finally worked for me. Thanks :)

    Imogen Michel -

    thank you !!

    Claire Hahn -

    Perfect Metaworx, it worked for me as well :)

    siohdk - Antwort

    Your nails are slightly long? You are lucky. Hold the phone with the screen on your right palm with the blue bits facing your body. Make sure your fingernails are holding the top of the screen. Push the back of the phone with your left hand. It worked for me.

    Askateth - Antwort

    Mit einer alten Haltekarte für SIM Cards als Hebel habe ich das Display vorsichtig abgeschoben

    Joachim - Antwort

    Unglaublich fair, dass ich mich mit diesem Kack alleine beschäftige - wenn ich so weitermache, werde ich demnächst die Trümmer meines Fairphones wahrscheinlich durch Ungeschicklichkeit so beschädigen, dass es unbrauchbar ist!

    Ralf Kiefer - Antwort

  5. Nimm die Display-Einheit ab.
    • Nimm die Display-Einheit ab.


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Bonjour ! Es-tu bien sûr d'avoir déplacé les deux languettes bleues vers l'intérieur pour libérer l'écran ? Si oui, n'hésite pas à appliquer une certaine force sur l'écran (appuyer et déplacer vers toi).

Oriane Petit - Antwort

Keine chance das Display zu bewegen. Nach 1h versuchen und allen FP2 Tutorials Videos bin ich immer noch gleichweit. Definitiv Verbesserung würdig. Für weitere Tipps bin ich dankbar, wird es sonst wieder zurück senden :-(

Christian Rapp - Antwort

Ich habe keine blauen Schalter, ich rede vom FP 1U, ist das korrekt?

Birgit - Antwort

FP 1U: Ich habe keine blauen Schalter.....

Birgit - Antwort

The Display seem to be stuck completely, any tips on how to move it?

siohdk - Antwort

Birgit, denke ich du wollst dieser Link: Fairphone 1 Display Einheit ersetzen

adameveleigh - Antwort

Managed it eventually but the “sliding” bit is really not that easy.

theextraone - Antwort

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