removal of top case


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Flip the laptop over. Slide the battery release tab to the right.
  • Flip the laptop over. Slide the battery release tab to the right.

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Lift the battery out.
  • Lift the battery out.

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  • Insert spudger between sysrq and ins keys.

  • Gently lift power button panel from the right to left.

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  • Remove the 5 screws holding the keyboard in place.

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  • CAUTION: When lifting the keyboard out, do not lift keyboard up. Only fold back along the space bar edge.

  • DO NOT PULL the black cable by the ribbon section; only pull it by the connector itself.

  • Follow the black ribbon cable to the connector and gently pull straight up.

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  • Remove 5 screws.

  • 4 screws holding LCD hinge covers in place and 1 screw for LCD grounding.

  • Remove hinge covers.

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  • Gently unplug LCD from system board.

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  • Remove 6 screws holding LCD to hinge.

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  • Pull LCD away from case.

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  • Slide release and push button to eject drive

  • Pull drive out.

  • When reinserting drives be sure to insert back into original slot in order to avoid interface conflicts.

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  • Remove 13 screws from bottom of computer

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  • Remove screws

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  • remove 4 screws from back of case

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  • WARNING Failure to do this step will damage mouse pad ribbon.

  • Lift plug holding mouse ribbon about 1/16 inch or until it stops

  • remove ribbon

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  • Insert spudger between upper and lower case at drive bay closest to battery.

  • Carefully and slowly go arount entire case unseating all plastic clips holding upper to lower.

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  • Lift upper case free about 1/4 inch

  • At rear of case is one last connecting wire. Unplug and remove upper case

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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