The motherboard contains many components vital for operating the phone. This guide will show you how to remove the motherboard without damaging other components. Before beginning please make sure you have all the necessary tools listed below which are required to complete this replacement effectively. We also advise you to be extra cautious while using the suction handle and the spudger.

  1. Place the suction handle onto the top of the phone's display.  Make sure to have a strong connection.
    • Place the suction handle onto the top of the phone's display. Make sure to have a strong connection.

    • Insert the edge of the blue opening tool between the phone's crease. Pull up with the suction cup and pry the display off.

    • Do not be too forceful; after the phone is pulled apart there are still inner connections that need to be taken care of.

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  2. Use the nylon spudger to pry both plugs out and release each ribbon.
    • Use the nylon spudger to pry both plugs out and release each ribbon.

    Hi, these managed to get lost during the repair. Does anyone know where I can obtain replacements?

    Charlie Rose - Antwort

    • Remove the magnesium midframe by pulling out all eleven 3.5 mm screws holding the piece down, using a JIS #000 screwdriver.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the frame from the side.

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    • The battery is held down by a large orange ribbon. Simply disconnect the metal tab that attatches the ribbon to the phone.

    • Pry apart and remove the battery from the device using a spudger.

    • The battery will be glued to the bottom. Removing it will not damage the device, but it will be difficult.

    • To install a new battery:

      • Remove any remaining adhesive from the phone, and clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

      • Secure the new battery with pre-cut adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. In order to position it correctly, apply the new adhesive into the phone, not directly onto the battery.

      • Press the battery firmly into place for 5-10 seconds.

    NEVER use a pointed metal tool as shown in the picture in this guide. You can damage the battery, which can cause fire and further damage the device. It is also very easy to damage the mainboard.

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    • To the left side of the phone there is a small hole leading to the SIM tray that can be picked with the 0.8 mm screwhead.

    • Pull the tray out.

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    • On the top side of the motherboard, there are four ribbon cables with tabs attatched as well as one more component in the upper left hand corner. Simply remove them with tweezers.

    • There's one more attatchment at the bottom of the motherboard that also needs removal.

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    • Disconnect the white cable attached to the board.

    • Once all tabs are disconnected, use the plastic opening tool to seperate the motherboard from the edges.

    • The perimeter of the motherboard is often positioned under the edge of the phone casing, so be careful when prying. Attempt to seperate the top portion of the motherboard first.

    • Remove the motherboard from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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