It is important to remember that the left and right side panels, and the central button must be removed, before the same button or a new button can be installed to the device.


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Use the plastic opening tool.
  • Use the plastic opening tool.

  • Lodge the tip into the corner of the device; Applying pressure upward, allowing the panel to be released.

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The side panel can now be detached using your fingers.
  • The side panel can now be detached using your fingers.

  • The buttons can be dislodged by turning the panel over and shaking it, if necessary.

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  • Lodge the tip of the plastic opening tool into the top arc of the front panel. Apply a little force to cause the panel to detach.

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  • Slide the blue opening tool along the seam applying force to continue detaching the side panel.

  • Remove the button from the side panel.

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  • The central button can easily be removed by using your fingers or tweezers to push the button out towards the left panel.

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  • Notice in the attached image that the backside of the button has an elevated corner. This corner must be applying pressure on the golden plate seen in the picture to the right. The center pressure point of the button must also apply pressure to the golden plate in the middle. These plates are both circled in red in the picture to the left.

  • Carefully slide in the button, flat side first (the side not containing the high corner).

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After installation, the device should look similar to that which is depicted in the cover image (top right of page).


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