We are going to show you how to replace the dead fan in your device.

Flip the computer over so the backside is facing you.
  • Flip the computer over so the backside is facing you.

  • Using the two prongs that are located in the back, slide the further left prong and the upper right prong to the left as indicated in the image.

  • Slide the battery out.

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Flip your device over.
  • Flip your device over.

  • In the center of the bottom of the laptop, there is a panel with two screws. Using the JIS #1 screw head unscrew both.

  • Lift the panel.

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  • The RAM is held down by two prongs. Gently pull them until the RAM pops out of place.

  • Lift the RAM out of place.

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  • Look for tabs in between esc and f1, f4 and f5, f8 and f9, f12 and scroll.

  • Pull these tabs towards you.

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  • Flip the laptop over and on the back of the center of the keyboard there is a screw with a rectangle beside it that looks like a keyboard. Remove this Phillips 5mm screw and another similar screw in the back top left of the keyboard.

  • Then carefully lift the keyboard out of place with your fingernails or a plastic opening tool.

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  • There will be a metallic film attached to the keyboard from the motherboard. A black latch runs along the film keeping it in place. Lift the latch and detach the film; remove it to fully remove the keyboard.

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  • Carefully undo the white film the same way you took out the metallic film

  • Once this film is removed the bar with the power button and media tools above the keyboard will pop out of place using a spudger.

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  • Underneath, a metal clamp will be revealed with two Torx Security T7 17mm screws. Unscrew these.

  • Carefully lift the cable out of place that is to the right of it.

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  • Unscrew these two JIS #1 5mm screws on the fan.

  • Carefully unplug the fans' wires.

  • Remove the fan and put in new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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