This guide will walk you through the steps required to remove, and thus replace, the keyboard in a Compaq Presario V5303NR. This would be a necessary procedure if the keyboard should be damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable. Following this guide to the penultimate step should also provide access to the keyboard's components, should it need to be maintained or cleaned.


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  1. Turn laptop bottom-side up.
    • Turn laptop bottom-side up.

    • Push the battery latch to the left position to unlock the battery.

    • Lift the battery out of its socket.

    • Failure to unplug the computer and remove the battery can result in electrical discharges on contact with the computer's components. This can damage the computer or even hurt the user.

  2. Remove the 5 mm and 4 mm screws shown, represented in red and orange, respectively,  using a Phillips #0 Screwdriver.
    • Remove the 5 mm and 4 mm screws shown, represented in red and orange, respectively, using a Phillips #0 Screwdriver.

    • Keep all different types of screw separate from one another; they are different sizes, and cannot fit into the other's spaces upon reassembly.

    • Turn the laptop right-side up.

    • Carefully open the laptop as far as it can.

    • Insert the metal spudger in the space between the switch cover and the F1, F5, F11 and Insert keys.

    • Use the spudger to carefully pry the cover plate away from the keyboard and laptop at the aforementioned locations. Remove the cover plate.

    • If it is possible to do so, it is advised to use a plastic spudger instead of a metal one. The metal spudger can damage the computer's internal components, but the plastic one may be too thick to fit in the gap.

    • Use a Phillips #0 Screwdriver to remove the 4 4mm screws shown in the second picture. As per before, keep them separated from the screws removed in step 2.

    • Carefully lift up the section of the keyboard closest to the screen. Slowly rotate it downwards until it is resting on top of the touch pad.

    • Using your fingers, carefully pull the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard and laptop toward the hinge. Continue until connecting cable is unplugged.

    • Remove keyboard from laptop.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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