As I was moving my computer into another room I dropped it and the screen cracked. What steps can I take to keep from having to continue to use a broken screen? I know replacing a screen is a very lengthy and delicate procedure.

  1. Use your hands to unclip the plastic snaps on the back panel of the device.
    • Use your hands to unclip the plastic snaps on the back panel of the device.

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  2. Remove the three 11.5mm PH2 screws from the back panel.
    • Remove the three 11.5mm PH2 screws from the back panel.

    • The screws will not fall out of the back panel, but they will unscrew to release the back panel.

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    • Now, take the back panel off by pulling at it gently with your hands.

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    • Use your hands to unclip the plastic bezels for the DVD drive and ports.

    • To unclip the plastic bezels, push the middle of each plastic bezel towards the center of the computer, and then pull them outwards.

    • You may want to lay the computer face down, on a flat, clean surface to ensure nothing falls out when disassembling the computer for next steps.

    One screw to remove the DVD drive is easier and safer than removing the bezel.

    Art Venable - Reply

    • Remove the nineteen 10mm T15 black screws from the edge of the computer.

    • Lay the computer on its front when preforming this step, and leave it face down for the rest of the guide.

    Had to remove the base assembly to get at one of the screws holding the display on.

    Had to disconnect speaker wires.

    Also had to disconnect a number of small connections at the top of the device - webcam, microphone, etc.

    Art Venable - Reply

    • Lift up the computer by the base very slowly, and disconnect the three wired connections to the display with your hands. Always disconnect wired connections from the plastic base.

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    • Set the computer aside, and use a small knife to cut the strips attaching the display to the digitizer.

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    • Use a plastic spudger to unclip the 3 ribbon clips on the back of the display.

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    • Remove the four 7mm T15 silver screws from the edge of the computer.

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    • Gently pull the display free from the digitizer with your hands.

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    • Remove the four 17.5mm T15 screws from the speakers.

    • When the speakers are free, use your hands to pull them free from the digitizer.

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    • Remove the three 10mm T15 screws from bezel.

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    • Use your hands to pull the plastic bezel off of the digitizer.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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On step 5 you've to remove also the 4 silver screw that keep display to the mainboard chassis.

illola - Reply

From where can I buy the glass to replace?

Aram Vardanyan - Reply

i wont 5 pics please send yor number watsap or send me Offer price for HP ENVY 23-d117a glass

Thanks >>

Feras emad


Feras Emad - Reply

687535-001 this is the part required

Model No HP envy 23 Delhi 0201 N.

Serial no. CZC 31443 LD kindly let me know whether it is available and please mail the details to - Reply


My touchscreen has been cracked too.

Can anyone help to direct me to somewhere to buy a replacement screen please?

Thanks in anticipation

Frank Scullion - Reply

I need replacement digitizer. pls contact if you have any thx.

oguz - Reply


My touchscreen has been broken and i need a new one for replacement or if some technical support do it.

hp envy recline 23-k220ne

My email is:

thanks ;)

Alberto - Reply

Hi, I also need a new screen for my hp envy 23 , links would be greatly appreciated

George - Reply

i need a 23 inch hp touchsmart screen very badly anyone???

jayfinks - Reply

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