The scanner piece is a part of the printer that scans over a paper. It may become misaligned or damaged over time. This guide will help a user replace the scanning piece.

  1. Open the cartridge access area.
    • Open the cartridge access area.

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  2. Remove the three 11.5 mm screws with a T10 bit.
    • Remove the three 11.5 mm screws with a T10 bit.

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    • Locate the cover hinge on the right side of the printer.

    • Pull the hinge off of the scanner to allow the scanner to open to 90 degress.

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    • Remove the 12 mm screws on the left side of the printer with a T10 bit.

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    • Remove the 11.5 mm screw with a T10 bit to release the spring-loaded hinge.

    • Since this is a compression spring, the hinge will snap downwards as soon as it is loosened.

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    • Pull the plastic side cover off of the printer.

    • You may need to lift the printer and push the cover downwards as it is latched onto the bottom of the printer.

    • Plastic opening tools or a metal spudger may also be used.

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    • Remove the five 11.5 mm screws located at the bottom of the scanner.

    • Steps 3-6 were intended to create easier access to these screws. However, they will still be difficult to reach.

    • The top of the scanner will now easily pull off.

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    • Pry the old scanning glass up with a metal spudger.

    • There are adhesives under the scanning glass. Be careful not to break the glass while removing it.

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    • The scanning piece is located in the bottom half of the scanner that was not separated from the printer.

    • Lift the scanning piece and detach the ribbon cable by gently pulling on it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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