The speaker in your printer could wear out and stop working. This guide will show how to replace the speaker if it stops working. This process will require soldering skills because unplugging the speaker from the control board is a very difficult process.

  1. Lift the hood of the printer.
    • Lift the hood of the printer.

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  2. Remove the two T10 11mm screws.
    • Remove the two T10 11mm screws.

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    • Remove the panels covering the power brick and cord.

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    • Remove the cord from the power supply.

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    • Slide the power supply out from the chassis.

    • The power supply is still attached; don't pull too quickly.

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    • Remove final cable from power supply.

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    • There is a hidden screw underneath the model sticker on the front panel.

    • Peel the model sticker off the cover.

    • This will expose the T10 screw securing the panel.

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    • Remove the single 12mm-T10 screw securing the front panel to the printer body.

    • Loosen the panel cover from the printer body.

    • There is a ribbon cable connected to the backside of the cover. Disconnect the cable before separating the panel completely.

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    • Gently remove the No-Fuss ribbon cable from the front panel.

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    • Remove the seven 8mm screws using the Torx T6 screwdriver.

    • Remove the motherboard from the front-panel housing.

    • The LCD display is on the opposite side.

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    • Remove the clip that keeps the printer lid from opening all the way with your hands by pulling away from the post on the lid.

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    • Remove the paper feed rollers by using your fingers to pinch the indentations together while pulling up.

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    • Remove the ten 11mm-T10 screws with the screwdriver.

    • The top half of the printer might fall open as you remove the screws closer to the hinges.

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    • Push the clip holding the speaker in away from the speaker while pulling up on the speaker.

    • At this point you must cut and solder on your new speaker.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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