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Procedure to disassemble HP Officejet 5740 printer

I wrote this down as much for me as anybody else. Kind of like bread crumbs in the forest. It helps to not forget a step.

I found nothing on the net on disassembling or repairing this machine.

My wife had noticed that the printer sounded like it was laboring. Gear noise. I have had a number of printers apart. Every time I do I am amazed at how increasingly flimsy they are getting. When I did get it down to the chassis the shaft with the large paper feed rolls seemed to be misaligned. I tweeked it over so it didn't rub. On reassembly, voila gear noise seemed to be gone. Fingers crossed it works better than before.

I have no pictures. You'll have to use your imagination

    • It is assumed that you have unplugged the data cables and using the soft ware of the printer moved the printer head away from the parked position prior to disconnecting the power plug so it can't return to the parked position.

    • Pull the out feed shelf gently out of the front of the printer.

    • In order to release the paper tray you must remove the bottom right slide rail. It is held in place by three screws from underneath. The paper tray will slide all the out with the rail removed.

    • Apply tape to the bulk feeder / scanner doors to attach them to the main cover. In a later step you must get the main cover open to vertical position in order to proceed with tear down. The tape keeps all three pieces held together

    • Do not try to pry the end panels off. They do not come off that way.

    • Open main cover and notice on right rear corner the latch which holds the cover up at a 45 degree angle.

    • Looking at the printer from the right side and focusing on the pin which the latch is hooked to on the cover, notice that there is a tiny space in the lower left-hand area of the connection between the pin and the hook. Insert screwdriver into that space and turn the screwdriver clockwise. Hook pops off the pin toward the front of the machine.

    • Once the hook is released from the pin, the cover assembly will lean back at a 90 degree angle. Push the printer back against some sort of vertical support like the wall so the cover doesn't open any further.

    • You now have access to the screws that hold the ends and inner cover on.

    • The right side is held in place by 2 screws and a couple of lugs front and back. The rear screw holding the right side cover is hidden behind and under the J hook latch coming up from below. Take your flash light and find the screw down in its hole. Otherwise you will pry like !&&* and break the loop which attaches the side to the chassis.

    • Remove those two screws. Then there is a lug up under the control panel which needs to be pried loose. With a little finagling the cover should wiggle loose. There are two fixed lugs visible from under the machine. DO NOT try to pry on them as they hold the side on and are not made to be a latch. The side will roll back from the top the lugs pop up

    • The left side comes off in a similar way with the caveat that there are two plugs covering two data ports at the rear which need to come out. The screws are in slightly different places but there are two of them which need to come out.

    • To get the inner cover off the machine you must remove the screw holding the spring tensioner tape to the lid. Do this by loosening the screw on the lid while reaching down by the ink sump and gently taking the tension off the tape by pulling on the spring. Might be easier with two sets of hands.

    • With the tension of the spring released the lid is now very vulnerable to swinging back so it is mentioned again to brace the cover against a vertical support.

    • At the rear of the control panel there are two screws holding it in place. With them removed gently slide the panel to the right and up at the front to remove. Careful of the two sets of connections. One is a ribbon cable and the other a black and red twisted set of wires.

    • Once the control panel is pulled forward and laid to the front you will see two more screws which are hidden under the control panel holding the inner cover to the chassis. DO NOT remove the screw you see in the center which holds the latch in place.

    • There are two more screws at the rear of the inner panel near the cover hinges which need to come out before the inner cover can be removed.

    • At this point you should be able to lift the inner cover off exposing the inner workings of the printer. Now would be a good time to remove the glob of congealed ink from the ink sump pad.

    • When reinstalling the right hand end panel be VERY careful with the two flat cables running up into the copy section. It is easy to get the outer one caught on the upper rear corner of the side panel as it is installed. Do not fubar the flat cable.

    • When reinstalling the spring loaded tape at the right rear of the machine, I used a pair of needle nose pliers supporting the bracket to take the tension while reinserting the screw into the cover above.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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