Start with the bottom of the laptop facing up.
  • Start with the bottom of the laptop facing up.

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Locate the battery compartment at the rear of the device.
  • Locate the battery compartment at the rear of the device.

  • There is a slider button located under the left side of the battery compartment. It is indicated by a battery symbol. Move the slider to the left and lift the battery out.

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  • Flip over the laptop and open it.

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  • Remove the 6 rubber screw covers from the screen panel using the plastic opener tools by applying firm pressure to the edges.

    • The 4 screw covers on top are attached by an adhesive backing.

    • The 2 screw covers on the bottom are rubber plugs.

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  • Remove the 4 M2.5x4-Lg #0 Phillips screws from the top of the screen panel.

  • Remove the 2 M2.5x8-Lg #1 Phillips screws from the bottom of the screen panel.

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  • Slide a plastic opener tool along the outside edges of the front screen panel to start to separate it from the back screen panel.

    • You may need to apply some firm pressure to get it started.

  • Once it has started to separate, gently pull off the screen panel by working along the edge, and set it aside.

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  • Locate the screw on the left side of the cameras mounting bracket.

  • Remove the M2.5x4-Lg #0 Phillips screw

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  • Pull the camera from the back screen panel and rotate it so you are looking at the back.

  • Remove the 2 M2x3-Lg #00 Phillips screws and place the mounting bracket aside.

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  • Disconnect the cable on the right side of the camera board by pulling firmly on the connector.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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