Shut down the computer.
  • Shut down the computer.

  • Disconnect all external devices and cables from the computer.

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Flip the laptop over.
  • Flip the laptop over.

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  • Locate the gray sliding tab next to the black bar where the battery is located.

  • Slide the gray sliding tab to the left until you hear a distinct click.

  • The inside edge of the battery should pop up.

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  • Grasp the inside edge of the battery.

  • Lift the inside edge of the battery up to detach the battery from the laptop.

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  • Locate RAM access door on the bottom side of the laptop.

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  • Locate the two screws holding down the RAM access cover

  • Unscrew the two screws with a size 00 Philips screwdriver.

  • Note: The screws do not detach from the cover.

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  • Lift up on the screw side of the RAM access cover to remove it.

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  • Gently pull apart the metal tabs located on both sides of the stick of RAM.

  • The RAM stick should tilt upwards.

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  • Gently lift the the RAM up and out of its seat.

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  • Repeat the previous two steps for the remaining stick of RAM.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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THANKS - YOU'RE AWESOME!!!! Removing the hard drive was the fix it! the HP site never tells you this - imagine.......

marena - Antwort

I had never dealt with laptop ram before and i used this guide sussusfully to remove the ram from my old HP Pavilliondv6-3055dx laptop. Thanks!

Andrew Lonero - Antwort

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