Unlike other laptops and computers, the trackpad is a part of the keyboard so it can't really be replaced without replacing the entire keyboard. A much simpler solution that we show in this guide requires the removal and replacement of a small ribbon-like connector.

  1. Slide pill shaped tab to the other side of the channel.
    • Slide pill shaped tab to the other side of the channel.

    • Remove battery while keeping the tab to the side.

    • Unscrew the two screws JIS #0 located on opposites sides of the panel.

    • Screws are attached to the panel and will not fully come out.

    • Carefully pry off the L-shaped panel.

    • Pull out and unplug the tab on the right hand side.

    • Unscrew all nine 6.0mm JIS #0 screws located on the border of the back panel.

    • Remove 3 screws located where the battery previously was.

    • Remove 6 screws located under the spot where the smaller L-shaped panel was located.

    • Slowly pry off the keyboard from the back panel.

    • Between the back panel and the keyboard there are two ribbon wires.

    • Remove slowly to not break the back panel. If it does not come off easily, check to see if all screws are removed.

    • Unplug wires connecting back panel to keyboard.

    • Actual trackpad does not come out since it is a part of the whole keyboard.

    • Locate loosely attached blue strip at the bottom of the computer.

    • Locate the left ribbon strip attached to small black and white box.

    • Flip up the black tab while pulling out the ribbon.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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