The iOS is the original firmware on the motherboard. In some cases the computer can malfunction due to errors in the iOS setting. This error can be fixed by resetting the iOS.


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Make sure the computer is unplugged.
  • Make sure the computer is unplugged.

    • Be sure to touch any metal surface with your hand to discharge any static electricity that might have built up.

  • Make sure all auxiliary cords are disconnected from the desktop. If not, remove them using your hands.

  • Set the desktop down horizontally with the front side facing you.

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Hold the desktop with two hands by grasping both sides of the desktop.
  • Hold the desktop with two hands by grasping both sides of the desktop.

  • Press the buttons on both sides using your index fingers.

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  • Slide the top cover about an inch forward using your thumb to push it towards you.

    • Make sure that the bottom is still secured by both hands.

  • Lay the desktop back on the table and pull the case forward as far as it can go.

  • Lift the cover up and off.

In this step, make clear that the CPU is lifted in the air to aide in the cover separation. Cover removal for a CPU is usually the most time consuming step if not clearly outlined. Employ brevity but clarity.

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  • Press tab on the left side of the battery with your finger to release the battery from its position.

  • The battery should pop up out off its socket easily.

  • Once the battery has been removed, the BIOS is reset. Replace the battery back into its socket to complete the reset.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I followed the above steps on an HP rp5700 desktop. Now the computer time and date is set back to 2000. I have entered setup to change date and time. However, the date and time does not change as I navigate date and time…. no change at all. I have changed this before on other rp5700 desktops but this just wont change.

Someone out there HELP.



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