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Any Spektrum or DSM2/DSMX transmitter can be used with the Nano QX. If you purchased the RTF (ready to fly) model, it should come from the factory already bound to a Blade MLP4DSM transmitter.


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    • Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery

    • If using a transmitter other than the Blade MLP4DSM, add a new model to the transmitter.

    • Select the appropriate model type.

    • Center all trims on the transmitter.

    • If using the Blade MLP4DSM, press the trim buttons until you hear a long low beep (roll and pitch trim) or three short low beeps (throttle and yaw trim). This indicates that the trim is centered.

    • Turn the power off on the transmitter.

    • Make sure the throttle is in the off position.

    • If using a transmitter other than the Blade MLP4DSM, make sure that all switches are in the 0 position.

    • Reconnect the power cable to the battery.

    • Make sure not to bend the pins on the connector.

    • After 5 seconds, the status LED will turn blue and begin flashing rapidly, indicating that it has entered bind mode.

    • Put the transmitter into bind mode while powering it on.

    • If using the Blade MLP4DSM, push and hold the left stick while powering on the transmitter. Release the left stick. You will hear a beep and the power LED will blink.

    • If using a different transmitter, consult the manual on how to enter bind mode.

    • The status LED will turn solid blue when it is successfully bound to the transmitter.

    • Disconnect the battery from the power cable.

    • Power off the transmitter.


You should now be ready to fly your quadcopter.

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Ian Glen

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That worked perfectly for me! And I used the MLP6 transmitter. Thanks kid! ;)

jamiekif - Antwort

The drone is bound now but I cant get it to arm. Any suggestions? Not sure how to do it on this controller. Thank you!

rob_swain - Antwort

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