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    • Is this what's preventing you from happiness in the morning? The K-Cup cannot fit in the reservoir because the handle hits the low lying cabinets.

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  1. Pull your Keurig forward until you can extend the handle completely vertical.
    • Pull your Keurig forward until you can extend the handle completely vertical.

    • Push the whole Keurig backwards until the now vertical handle is flush with the front of the cabinet.

    • Use a sharpie to draw a line on the Keurig handle about an inch below the bottom of the cabinet.

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    • Now use a T20 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws holding both sides of the handle to the pivot of the Keurig K-Cup reservoir.

    • Remove the 2 torx screws, 2 washers, and 1 handle. Place the screws and the washers somewhere safe.

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    • Find a way to separate the handle like a turkey wishbone. I used just my hands. I wrapped a piece of paper around the break area to protect the skin on my thumbs.

    • With the paper in place, pull the handle apart with sufficient force to snap the handle into two pieces. It doesn't matter where the break is, just as long as it is in-between the two lines you drew.

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    • Use sandpaper or other means to sand the broken ends of the handle down to the lines you marked on them. This is by far the most time consuming step.

    • Reassemble the handles with the screws and the washers. Remember, the curve of the handle will wrap nicely around the K-Cup reservoir and the smooth finished side will face up. Refer to step 3.

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    • There, You're done! Enjoy your coffee in your new place!

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Enjoy coffee! Paint the ends of the handle where you sanded the same color as the rest of the handle if you so desire.

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