You might notice the importance of having a car camera while on the roads, even if you are a cautious driver, accidents could still happen due to third party causes. You can place a car camera at the front of your car and record valuable evidential footages in case there is a need for it. Follow this guide to install your car camera and save yourself money and time. Installation will take about 15 minutes, and requires no tools.

Connect up the car camera to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Connect up the car camera to your PC via a USB cable.

  • Browse through the settings menu and key in any required information. E.g Time & Date Stamp, Voice Recording(On/Off)

  • Insert a Class 10 SD Card and format the SD Card using the device's setting menu.

  • Try recording a video at your computer desk and test the playback function

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Plunge the camera with the suction cup to your preferred point.
  • Plunge the camera with the suction cup to your preferred point.

  • Tip: Wet the windscreen with some clean water before plunging in the suction cup for a stronger hold.

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  • Start tucking the USB Cable into the gap above the passenger seat.

  • Align the cable between the gap and secure the cable in place by pushing in the wires using your four fingers.

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  • The side door trunking can be easily detached by giving it a firm nudge.

  • Hide the cable beneath the trunking leaving the free end nearer to the passenger seat as depicted in the picture.

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  • Push the cable into the rubber sleeve using your thumb

  • Keep your thumb in the sleeve and run the cable downwards until you reach the glove compartment area.

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  • Use some duct tape to hold the cables in place if there are no crevices underneath your glove compartment.

  • Hang on there, you're almost done.

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  • Plug in the USB convertor into the Cigar Jack Port.

  • Connect up the USB cable of the car camera into the port.

  • Start your engine if you haven't done so, car camera should switch on automatically upon detecting power from the car.

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  • Ensure the camera is powered correctly, look for a charging indicator icon on your car camera device.

  • Make sure there is a red rounded icon that indicates "Record in Progress" before you drive off everyday.

  • You are done, enjoy the reassuring driving experience and be safe.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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