If you're tired of your halogen headlights or fog lights and want to upgrade to something with a better output, try installing an HID Conversion Kit.


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Open the hood.
  • Open the hood.

  • Locate the back of the headlights and remove the bolts holding the headlight housing.

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Unplug the stock harness and remove the headlights.
  • Unplug the stock harness and remove the headlights.

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  • Remove battery negative terminal.

  • Remove headlight cover and remove factory halogen bulb.

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  • Take out the HID bulb from the plastic shell and remove the circular plastic piece.

  • Remember not to touch the HID bulb glass!

  • If you accidentally touch it, you can clean it with some rubbing alcohol.

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  • Screw in the HID bulb back into the headlight housing.

  • Connect the wires of the HID bulb to the ballast and then connect the HID ballast back to the stock harness.

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  • Before you mount the ballast, test the HID light to make sure it lights up.

  • If not, turn the adapter wire 180 degrees.

  • Mount the HID ballast with zip ties.

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  • Put everything (like the headlight housing) back.

  • Enjoy!

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Enjoy your new HID Conversion Kit and upgraded headlights or fog lights.

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