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How to Itemize and Keep Screws Inside The Work Area

  1. How to Itemize and Keep Screws Inside The Work Area, How to Itemize and Keep Screws Inside The Work Area: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 2 How to Itemize and Keep Screws Inside The Work Area, How to Itemize and Keep Screws Inside The Work Area: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 2
    • If you are a Mobile Phone Repairer, a professional screw mat would be a best choice

    • If you don't have a screw mat, some daily used tools would recommend for you in the following steps.

    • The repair pad has a relatively high magnetic force, (as shown in the figure), which can effectively prevent small parts such as screws from sliding down, and a divided grid is used to store the screws or help you organize in any way you need.

    • If you can't remember how to reassemble, it's best to draw the same grid on a piece of paper and write out the type and steps of the screws.

    • If the amount of screws used in the dissembled are all the same size or just a few and easy to remember placement, then you don’t have to classify it, you can keep it safe.

    • It is best not to place the screws on a smooth surface or on the edge of the table. The screws may roll in all directions because of a sneeze or a small bump to the table.

    • Using fabrics that are malleable and can create a barrier like a sweater are great to use! These will keep your screws in place.

    • DO NOT place screws and other objects on items you may need to move, doing so can result in objects going in all sorts of directions. It's best to keep them on stable and not needed objects.

    • Don't put screws in the reach of your arm, otherwise an inadvertent arm swing will make the screw fall to the ground.

    • You can temporality place the screw in a drawer or on a shelf above you that way you need to get up to avoid accidental hits to your screws.

    • Do not remove screws on furniture like a Sofa or other area, you will lose screws if they fall in-between the cracks and will spend more money replacing them than using a table.

    • If a screw does fall to the ground, use a magnet to wave over the suspected fall path to pull it out. Or when a screw does fall, stop what you are doing and watch it fall and make note of any sound of where it rolls to make finding it easier.

    • Find a roll of wide tape and cut it into sections for the size and type of screw you need. Fold one side, fix it on the table, and then stick the screw on it.

    • You can also use double sided tape to adhere a napkin to the table.

    • You can use a pencil to mark the type of screw on it, or write it on a small strip of paper.

    • You can also use paper (such as paper napkins), place different screws on the paper and wrap them in the paper, and write on them to mark them.


When reassembling your device, follow the instructions in reverse order.

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