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How to Prevent Wheel Bite

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    • When it comes to preventing wheel bite you may want to add a riser. This will occur during the truck installation process. If you have not started this process, get to step 3 in the Truck Installation guide and return here for your next step.

    • Now that you are just about ready to install your trucks, simply place the riser onto the hardware before the trucks. Return to the Truck Installation guide to finish installing the trucks.

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    • Once you have installed your trucks you can tighten your kingpin nut using a 9/16" wrench to prevent wheel bite.

    • Tightening your kingpin will limit your turning ability so that the wheels won't catch on the deck.

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    • Another way to further prevent wheel bite is to replace the kingpin bushings with a harder ones. You will first want to remove the kingpin nut completely using your 9/16" wrench.

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    • Remove the kingpin bushings from the kingpin.

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    • Slide on your new harder kingpin bushings.

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    • Place the washer back over your new kingpin bushing and thread on the kingpin nut to your preferred tightness. This harder bushing will make it harder to turn, preventing the wheels from hitting the deck on hard turns.


To remove your risers, simply remove your trucks following the reverse directions of the Truck Installation guide. Follow steps of this guide in reverse to replace your old kingpin bushing.

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