In this guide I will be providing the information on how to repair a textured wall. For this repair I am mainly focusing on the repairing wall texture but in most cases where there is damages wall texture there is a damaged wall. So, I will be showing how to prepare for the fixing of the wall texture as well.

  1. First, Inspect and clean the location that needs repair.
    • First, Inspect and clean the location that needs repair.

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  2. Clean up the edges with a box cutter.
    • Clean up the edges with a box cutter.

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    • Apply a single sided mesh tape used for patch work to increase the strength of the material.

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    • Apply spackling paste over the mesh tape to fill the hole.

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    • Let the spackling paste sit and dry.

    • The quick dry spackling paste will change colors from a pink to a white indicating that the paste has dried.

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    • Sand the rough edges of the spackling paste to smooth the surfaces until it is flush with the wall.

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    • Spray aerosol wall texture over the leveled patch in a quick fluid motion from one side to another.

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    • Let the texture dry overnight.

    • Paint the wall with your desired color to complete the wall texturing repair.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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