Mit einem Hardwarereset kannst du Softwareprobleme beheben.

Achtung: Ein Factory Reset löscht ALLE Daten von deinem Smartphone. Mache deshalb lieber ein Backup von deinen Bildern, Videos und Dokumenten.


  1. Schalte das Telefon aus und halte "Lautstärke hoch", "Startbildschirm (Home)" und den Einschaltknopf gleichzeitig gedrückt. Wenn das Galaxy Logo erscheint, löse den Einschaltknopf, halte aber die beiden anderen Knöpfe gedrückt.
    • Schalte das Telefon aus und halte "Lautstärke hoch", "Startbildschirm (Home)" und den Einschaltknopf gleichzeitig gedrückt. Wenn das Galaxy Logo erscheint, löse den Einschaltknopf, halte aber die beiden anderen Knöpfe gedrückt.

    I Don't know how reset my phone

    dontewyatt55 - Antwort

    In my case, it said "wipe data/factory reset", so check for that.

    Christopher Cha (Chaster2001) - Antwort

    when I hold down all 3 buttons and then let got the power button this little green dude doesnt come up, it just restarts the phone.

    Brenda Hawkins - Antwort

    thank for helping me, now ive done.

    bfuy62 - Antwort

  2. Löse die beiden Knöpfe wenn der Android System Recovery Bildschirm erscheint. Benutze die Lautstärke hoch/runter Knöpfe, um im Menü zu navigieren. Der Einschaltknopf ist für die Bestätigung (OK).  Wähle "wipe cache partition" aus und bestätige "delete all user data" und anschliessend "reboot system now"
    • Löse die beiden Knöpfe wenn der Android System Recovery Bildschirm erscheint. Benutze die Lautstärke hoch/runter Knöpfe, um im Menü zu navigieren. Der Einschaltknopf ist für die Bestätigung (OK). Wähle "wipe cache partition" aus und bestätige "delete all user data" und anschliessend "reboot system now"

    FYI- Before it reboots "system error" will appear under the android. Don't worry, it's fine.

    Khorzho Tyr - Antwort

    The "Wipe Cache Partition" didn't work for me I had to use "Reset Factory"

    robinmirandas2014 - Antwort

    Same for me - as per the picture, used wipe data/factory reset

    nick.dal-molin - Antwort

    should use Wipe data/Factory Reset instead of Wipe cache Partition

    Maruf hasan - Antwort

    I did the wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset and that did the trick. Thanks for your comments, I would have never figured it out.

    Sue LaNasa - Antwort

    I used factory reset and it worked for me. Wipe cache partition did not. Thanks for all the comments.

    Bermadel Hagen - Antwort

    I did, but it just write recovery booting on top left of the screen and it stays there forever, what must I do?

    Cecil Mabuyangwa - Antwort

    Myne it just write recovery booting on top left corner of the screen and it stays there forever. What must I do?

    Cecil Mabuyangwa - Antwort

    It doesn’t get to android system menu? The wallpaper just comes back up…………IDKWTF now what

    Fox Fruit - Antwort

    Its not working it keeps on turning on

    Jay Pitta - Antwort

    My phone keeps turning on instead

    Jay Pitta - Antwort

    • Das wars! Dein Smartphone wird sich nun zurücksetzen.

    Will this remove the carrier programming? Or is that part of the factory setup? I have an unlocked (according to C-Spire, who was my carrier on the S4) S4 that I'm trying to use with Straight talk. I got the Straight talk sim, and followed all directions...several times! But it still says C-Spire on restart. I'm wondering if this would wipe the C-Spire off the phone. Thanks!

    connie - Antwort

    Hi Connie, having the same issue. Did you get it resolved?

    Renae Myers -

    I did delete cache and factory reset…yes, delete all users, then reboot. On reboot it is stuck on the network start up screen. What do I do now?

    Renae Myers -

    Hi, I've done all steps. Now it's asking me to verify my google account! I do not want the same account on this phone. Bt now I cannot proceed without verify the account that was initially on this smartphone. How do I proceed with the reset?

    Mayeshree Govender - Antwort

    Did you ever fix this

    gillespieak -

    You need to know first the google account associated to the phone. After turning the phone on, log out the google account and sign in the desired google account that you wanted to use.

    Mark Anthony de Jesus -

    Dua te shkarkoj programe e samsung galaksi s4

    azdren - Antwort

    Thank you, "Does what it says on the tin" - Perfect

    johliv - Antwort

    Works great! What a relief.

    I was afraid I was going to have to resort to paying someone to unlock this stupid thing. Never marry anyone who can’t recall a password to unlock their own phone, even if they just set it up an hour ago. *eyeroll*

    norelationtoelvis - Antwort

    Why do the Wipe Cache Partition? Why not select the Factory Reset option?

    G ronver - Antwort

    Worked perfectly. Thank You very much

    nillawafer97123 - Antwort


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Here my recommendation is a data eraser named Android Data Eraser, which can erase all Android data including contacts, messages, call history, apps, system setting, photo, video, etc. Indeed, Android Data Eraser worth trusting and it makes the work more effective. What you need is a windows computer. One single click and data deletion finish.


yisdddcbrown - Antwort

easy to follow instructions but does not work have done it 3 times now and get to a step which requires to do a factory reset. Phone the automatically switches off and loses connection with program and have to start all over again. Goes round in circles with a factory reset the only result - and you can do that without downloading the program.

maser222e -

why would you bother when you can factory reset in 1 min???

rickialison -

Deleted data from samsung phone are recoverable with Coolmuster Samsung Recovery software. But you need to follow special steps as droid phone`s memory is not accessible easily.


Swolsteedd - Antwort

Hi Can the software recover my calendar after I mistakenly did a factory wipe?

Helene Zinberg -

If your samsung galaxy freezing,slow,not responsive or forgot passcode then follow this post


xeb me - Antwort

your link doesnt work :/

sexee25 -

You can see more information how to wipe and root android phone data.


Wnwinllaa - Antwort

this is full tutorial step by step includes your video


Muhammad Abu dheem - Antwort

Thank you for this usefull guide. Very easy to follow.

boogaarttaart - Antwort

It enables you to recover lost or deleted data files from Galaxy family devices with ease, including messages, contacts, photos, music, video, call history and more. What’s even better, you can get a trial version to check and preview your lost files before recovery.


Creawei - Antwort

will this deactivate my service with straight talk

davielvazquez - Antwort

Be aware! Samsung's latest software upgrade included an "antitheft requirement" that requires a person to use the ORIGINAL OWNER'S Samsung account ID and PASSWORD to recover from a factory reset. I had the local VERIZON shop try to do this in order to get rid of a persistent virus that my S4 phone had picked up somewhere. Since I had purchased this phone on EBAY, there was no way to get this info. So, unless the original owners of the phones ebay sells divulge their ID / PW (fat chance). these phones are junk once the occasion arises that a factory reset is required...

Bull Schmidt - Antwort

Do you know to force reset/hard reset wiko,Zigo,chinese lenovo phone. these formatting methods different from others. I think that this will very help ful you

reset wiko phone


reset Chinese Lenovo phone


reset Lenovo phone


Factory Reset My Zigo phone


Ramal jayaratna - Antwort

how do I get my metro pcs sim card to work on it and why is there still a pass code lock

kerri - Antwort

This a way to restore factory setting to delete samsung data: SETTINGS --> BACKUP AND RESET --> FACTORY DATA RESET

Android Data Eraser is your ideal choose of wiping data from Android device, such as amsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motolora, Google, Acer, ZTE, HuaWei and so on. With the help of the Android Data Eraser, you can easily erase existing data or the deleted data from Android with a click, and ensure the erased data 100% can not being recovered.


sherrytaylor114 - Antwort

what if when you get to thr roboat and i dont work

rockmediaagency - Antwort

software samsung s4 method

nisar - Antwort

My phone doesn't go past the Samsung logo even after I did the hard reset. Can someone please help

janeokafor - Antwort

I usually use Samsung Data Eraser program to wipe Samsung Galaxy s4 data. It's easy to use and can quickly wipe data without recovery.


Hua - Antwort

Samsung Galaxy S4 Data / Factory Reset:Tap on your Galaxy S4,Settings > Accounts > Backup & reset > and scroll down to Factory Data Reset.

But,this way can erase your Samsung data permanently,if you want to Wipe Samsung Data without Restoring,please learn the use guide below:


Note:Before wipe your Samsung data,I recommend you should make your Samsung data backup:


stevenjob - Antwort

You can also erase all your samsung galaxy data permanently before selling:


Pudfuen - Antwort

No matter you want to selling or clean up android phone ,

Android Data Eraser is created to meet Android users' needs to delete unwanted phone data permanently , if you are going to delete data on android by factory reset , i think it is not good idea , you can delete everything on Android phone totally, including Contacts, Messages, Call History, Facetime, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memo, Safari Bookmark. Once you erase them all, there is no worry left for you to give it away.


Lasncons - Antwort

Not sure why tutorial only mentions clearing cache. I cleared the cache then selected the factory reset option, then reboot.

Laura Jameson - Antwort

My samsung galaxy S4 any time it heat up small the phone will be off what may be the problem?

Thomas Menkah - Antwort

I have trued to reset my Samsung s4 but it is till coming up with the wipe date/factory reset but I don't now why it is keeps coming up near I do but I think I mite need 2 go back in to the Vodafone shop again so I do

Andrea Devlin - Antwort

A friend needed a phone to get him through until he got a replacement for one he broke. I spent hours manually wiping my stuff from my old S4 that I would gladly lend him. The I found this and everything was back to clean in about 2 minutes. He now has a “clean” phone to use for the next few days. It’s not that I don’t trust him, just that I couldn’t get everything squeaky clean so that his voice and text would come through properly…

dachare - Antwort

i have the same problem with galaxy S4, i have wifi connection at home and work but the automatically turning on of the data roaming is costing me, i have turned it off several time but it keeps coming on after a while, i should be able to do it manually but this thing keeps coming automatically

shabih - Antwort

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