Corrosion usually occurs in the battery compartment. It appears as a light blue coating on any metal components and prevents power from flowing in the camera.


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  • In this guide we will be referring to 'left'and 'right' as though the camera's front (the part that says Nikon) facing you.

  • Use a quarter to twist open the one large screw on the bottom case. (No picture available.)

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Pull up on the tab to remove the batteries.
  • Pull up on the tab to remove the batteries.

  • Note: The batteries will probably fall out of their holder.

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  • Your camera should look something like this.

  • Clean the marked areas with a cotton swab soaked in CLR or vinegar.

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  • Corrosion appears as the bluish build-up you see in this picture. Scrub with a cotton swab until it has visibly decreased.

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  • All cleaned up!

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Reinsert the batteries by following the instructions backwards. If it's still not getting power, head over to our battery compartment replacement guide. Note: It may be tough to find replacement parts.

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Wow it working thanks for assisting me. I used vinegar to clean my camera so it working now

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