Your printer is bound to collect dust over time, and a lot of this dust rests on the underside of your scanner glass. This affects the quality of your scans.

Cleaning the scanner glass is fairly simple: the scanner tray must be removed prior to removing the scanner glass.

Proper cleaning of your scanner glass will require alcohol and a lint-free cloth.



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  1. Carefully wedge the flathead 3/32" screwdriver on the outer groove of the control panel faceplate.
    • Carefully wedge the flathead 3/32" screwdriver on the outer groove of the control panel faceplate.

    • Follow the perimeter of the groove with the flathead 3/32" screwdriver making sure to gently pry and lift upward until the control panel faceplate comes off.

    • Take your time prying off the control panel faceplate. If too much pressure is applied, the control panel faceplate can break.

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  2. Once the control panel faceplate is off, look for the Lock/Unlock tab located underneath the off button.
    • Once the control panel faceplate is off, look for the Lock/Unlock tab located underneath the off button.

    • To unlock and release the control panel, insert the flathead 3/32" screwdriver into the tab and carefully push down. The control panel will then separate from the printer's base by sliding it downward a little.

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    • Underneath the control panel will be a flat grey ribbon cable. This cable is attached at the base of the green control board with the other end of the cable located on the back side of the printer's base.

    • Carefully disconnect both ends of the flat grey ribbon cable to release the control panel in its entirety.

      • Only pull from the connector portion of the cable, as pulling on the wires may damage them.

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    • Lift open the scanner lid and locate a black tab located at the center of the scanner bed.

    • Using your finger push (pull on some printers) the tab towards the scanner lid. This will release the scanner lid

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    • Once the scanner lid is removed use the Philips #1(Torx on some printers) Screwdriver to remove the screw.

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    • Remove all four silver screws from the corners of the scanner glass cover with a T10 Torx Screwdriver.

    • Organization is everything. Remember to have your iFixit Magnetic Work Mat next to you. It will help keep screws organized and in place.

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    • Once you have removed the four torx screws, gently lift the scanner glass cover from the printer's base.

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    • Turn the scanner glass over so its underside is facing upward.

    • Place the scanner glass on a clean surface.

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    • Moisten a lint-free cloth with alcohol. Wipe down the underside of the scanner glass until all dust is removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I thought my printer was a goner for sure, then I stumbled on this site. All I had to do was clean the glass- it looked terrible!- and put it all back together. It was easy. I truly appreciate not having to get another printer- THANKS!

Ben - Antwort

Brilliant! Easy to follow instructions. Printer stoped clicking and works fine now. Thank you!

AL Pierce - Antwort

Great! I followed the instructions already a couple of years ago, and found it now again! Great help! Thank you!

Fritz Abraschek - Antwort

Worked great, but it did take more than 2-3 minutes!

clintsmith - Antwort

This saved me and my printer!! Thx so much! In fact, the dust flocks were just against the internal buses and under the control panel. And I also found out that one can check most of the machine without having to uncable the grey ribbons.

Handle with extreem care though.

Thx thx thx!

Ambriel - Antwort

Oh, and my printer is still going strong after 12 years!! Yay!

Thx, to all of you who contribute here and to all who help us keep the planet cleaner w/ substainable and recycable goods.

Ambriel - Antwort

Thanks for the tutorial, it saved me a lot of time ;-).

Now I’m back on track printing what I need.

Jose De Araujo - Antwort

Thank you so much for the great instructions! I’ve had my printer for over 14 years and it still works great! Just needed to clean the dust under the scanner glass to help get clearer scans of old photos that I am storing on my computer. Hope HP keeps making the ink for this so I can continue to use it for many more years!

maria_scottb - Antwort

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