This guide will show how to fix squeaky parts on the wheelchair.



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  1. Locate the source of the squeaking.
    • Locate the source of the squeaking.

    • Typically, this will be one of the rear wheels, castor wheels, or brakes.

    • Clean and remove any dirt or rust from the source of the squeaking.

    • You may need to partially disassemble the squeaky part in order to thoroughly clean it.

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  2. Check for improper assembly.
    • Check for improper assembly.

    • Refer to the teardown to check that the wheelchair is properly assembled.

    • Check for proper lubrication. If not lubricated, lubricate thoroughly with bike grease.

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    • Roll the wheelchair around to check if the squeaking has stopped.

    • If the squeaking still continues, recheck the chair until the problem is fixed.

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Squeaking can be caused by overly tightened connections. If problem still occurs after going through steps, try to slightly loosen bolts (half a turn of the wrench) near the source of squeaking.

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A quick spray of Extralube C60 Trigger Spray will keep the components rust free and spinning for much longer... worth a go www.team-zx1.com

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