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I came here looking for a solution to my intermittent connection problems on my Mobee Magic Mouse - Apple iMac. I could not find anything, but I found this YouTube guide which has solved the problem.


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I disassembled the Mobee battery pack by removing the 2 tiny screws holding the battery-cover together. One of the batteries had both poles covered with small pieces of greyish tape. Looked like someone forgot to remove them at assembly. I removed the tape. Works well now.



YatLok Mok - Antwort

I thought I had to buy a new mouse until I found this. Foil proved it. Now for the permanent fix with the solder! Thank you.

Steve Gilbert - Antwort

The batteries inside the mobee are AAA, not AA. I replaced them some time ago :)

Arjen Gerstel - Antwort

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