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If your Sonicare is not as powerful as it used to be it could be because of a misalignment of the magnetic motor, e.g. if it's dropped. Philips built it like this on purpose and you need open the toothbrush and realign the magnetic motor.

Caution: Please only proceed if your toothbrush is out of warranty. If you are still within warranty then bring it back and get it fixed by professionals at Philips for free.



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  1. First you need to open the toothbrush. This can be achieved by applying pressure to the lower end of the toothbrush which will alow the removal of the bottom cap.
    • First you need to open the toothbrush. This can be achieved by applying pressure to the lower end of the toothbrush which will alow the removal of the bottom cap.

    • To protect the toothbrush from being mared by whatever tool is used, apply some cardboard or similar between the tool and the toothbrush

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  3. Once you have the insides out, you have to look for this area.
    • Once you have the insides out, you have to look for this area.

    • The silver red part are the two magnets. There needs to be a gap between the magnets and the metalic driver

    • If your magnets are contacting, or are very close to them, please proceed with the next step.

  4. The magnets are secured by two screws. One is easily accessible on the back of the toothbrush.
    • The magnets are secured by two screws. One is easily accessible on the back of the toothbrush.

    • The screw is mounted in a slot to allow for some adjustments. For whatever reason the screw has moved to the top of the brush, this will let the Magnets touch the driver which reduces the motion and power of the brush significantly.

    • Loosen the screw on this side.

  5. Apply some pressure to remove the circuit board and get access to the screw holding the magnets on the front side.
    • Apply some pressure to remove the circuit board and get access to the screw holding the magnets on the front side.

    • If is has moved, loosen the screw, position the the magnets in a way that there is a gap between magnets and driver and fasten both screws.

    Fantastic write up. I would only add that at this point, to easily pull the logic board away from the battery side of the unit, pull the upper portion directly away from the battery portion first (much like pulling up a radio antenna), before pulling the logic board away in the photo. The above photo shows two “T” slot holes that must be lined up with the notches before pulling away.

    Rick Palmer - Antwort

    Did not have to pull down, just pull backwards until the black plastic came off

    Marti - Antwort

    Just put a thin screw driver between the plastic and the metal part und then pull upwards

    jannik.sohn - Antwort

    None of these comments helped me! I somehow popped the thing off, but I think I came close to breaking it.

    Brad B - Antwort

    This was the trickiest part for me too. I could neither pry the black plastic part away from the metal part nor slide it up to align plastic tabs with the wide part of the T slot. The key (literally!) was the two holes in the metal part that are seen in the picture on both sides of the lower T slot. There are two plastic tabs on the black part that engage those two holes and keep metal part from sliding up and disengaging T slots. To disengage the tabs slide a piece of plastic like a credit card down (from the shaft/head side) as close to the middle as possible *on each side*. Two cards or two pieces, or even one card with a slot in it would all work. Then, with card(s) in place, slide metal part up and away from black plastic. Be careful not to pull too hard on the wires and try not to bend them too much — they look like a hassle to repair if they do break. The rest is easy!

    Yuliy Gerchikov - Antwort

    This was tricky. It was so tight that when it finally came off the wires also came off. I had to solder them back to the board. The trick is to push the black plastic against the metal when you slide it until it stops.

    reggabsungam - Antwort

    got electrocuted

    Thora Mann - Antwort

    When I took mine apart, the upper magnet was loose. So if I move the red piece, the upper magnet just moves with it. It looks like it should be attached to something at the top, but I’m not sure to what. Can anybody confirm, or provide a close-up picture of theirs? Thanks

    Ken Wolf - Antwort


Repeat the steps in reverse order to reassemble your device.

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Hi there, this was my problem combined with the loose actuator screw. Mine works great now. I used a credit card as a spacer between the magnets and windings, do you know if more space is necessary for the best performance?

Clys - Antwort

Saved me ~$100! Awesome!

chip - Antwort

Good manual, I could fix the gap between the magnets. However, that was not the problem in my toothbrush. After pressing the power button the light for the selected program flashes once and after that all flash on and the toothbrush shuts down. It refises to start anything, it's almost as of there is a counter for the maximum amount of charges.

Jan Huijsmans - Antwort

saved me from buying a new toothbrush, thanks!

Diederik Knaapen - Antwort

Have the same question as Clys.Wish I could know the correct gap measurement.I also used a credit card,which measured .9mm.Maybe 1mm is the correct gap.I know that if I contact Philips the chances of reaching anyone knowing anything would likely be impossible.If I bought a new brush,took it apart,that would be a way of finding out.

jrj90620 - Antwort

I have a new brush and the opening is almost as wide as a credit card, i’d say about .8mm - i dont think a gap wider than a credit card will help.

Ruby Joye -

Yup - worked for me too!

kcknuckey - Antwort

Just worked with my toothbrush, saved me a purchase, thanks muchly.

Carl Wilson - Antwort

Thanks!! Saved me a lot of time and money! Keep up the great work!

Bernhard Wehinger - Antwort

Great guide. In step 5 I needed to pull the motor from the battery piece to open, not apply pressure.

Then I tried both credit card space and maximum space between motor and magnets, and vibrations with maximum space seem stronger.

Tomas Pavelek - Antwort

Definitely a design flaw. Or maybe even intentional… who knows.

Just replaced the screw of the head and fastened that and fixed the magnet spacing. It does seem to work again, but I don’t know for how long. THanks

Mattijs Spierings - Antwort

Great guide. Thanks :))

Michal Walewski - Antwort

What is the reaseon in step 6?

Mirko Ehrhardt - Antwort

Perfect solution. Thank you!!!

sprakash1 - Antwort

What is the reaseon in step 6?

hristov.hd - Antwort

Top! Funktioniert alles wieder.

André Stein - Antwort

Can somebody give me some tips about step 5 please? I’m scared I will break the logic board if I apply too much pressure. How is it support to open?

anja.steinlechner - Antwort

Took a little doing but my magnet was totally tight to the electromagnets. Loosened the screws and put the gap back. I used Permatex threadlocker blue on the screws and put it back together. Works perfect now. Thank you so much for the help!!!!

David Mattern - Antwort

Great! My brush was out of warranty so no help from Phillips, though they admitted that “in almost all cases where people had any issue with their brush, this exact description of technical problem matched their issue “. The problem I described was precisely that described above.

With the help of this guide my brush is working again ! ! !

Christian Jeppsson - Antwort

I loosened the two screws and moved the magnet down, but there is still on gap. I don’t understand how to move the top magnet/driver up to create a gap. They are still touching.

Z A - Antwort

definitely saved me some bucks :) Thanks a lot! Great solution.

Markus Liechti - Antwort

Fixed my problem with my toothbrush and saved me a lot of money. Thank you!!

theodorejohnprice - Antwort

@Z A The silver magnet and the red electromagnet can be separated with fingernails. The permanent silver magnet will tend to hold them together, but once separated the corner of a credit card can be used to keep the correct amount of distance until the two screws are tightened.

Aurosutru - Antwort

@Anja The logic board in pegged to the metal chassis by two small pegs on the underside of the black plastic holder underneath the logic board. They fit in a tee slot and shifting the board downward, when the brush is in the usual upright position, will free them. Check the comments at step 5.

Aurosutru - Antwort

This repair procedure fixed my Sonicare, which had stopped brushing and wasn’t making a vibrating sound when pressure was applied to the brush head in certain directions. Most videos on YouTube show how to tighten what appears to be the Philips screw near the brush head shown in the black oval in Step 6, but that was OK in my unit. Like the OP I’m not sure why the electromagnet had shifted - the unit had not been dropped and the screws were fairly tight. Maybe the vibration gradually shifted the electromagnet.

For me the hardest part was getting the end cap out. It took a fair amount of patience and persistence, using both the pliers and a small flat blade screwdriver.

Thanks for the helpful tutorial.

Aurosutru - Antwort

I’m at step 4 but my screw won’t get loose? Any help?

Sera - Antwort

My brush has been weak ever since I bought it. So it either came from the factory like this or maybe was dropped or roughly handled during shipping. Following these instructions fixed it. The force to pull the magnets together was quite strong so I used a toothpick as a spacer to hold them apart. Kind of a poor design to let the magnets ever get close enough to touch if you ask me.

shadowym - Antwort

This fixed one of my kid’s brushes, though step 5 was by far the hardest part, even after reading the comments. I’m still not sure how I finally got the metal part off the black plastic part without breaking something. I used the maximum gap for the magnet portion and it matched a new one I had just bought, strength-wise.

Brad B - Antwort

I have few sonicare toothbrushes and all was broken by water got inside. I replace batteries and now all they works, but they are less powerfull then toothbrush with new motor. I try many gaps beetwen magnet and coil, but ewen if magnet vibrate strong, the head is moving weak. The triangle shaft inside is not broken, but it looks like it loosing power some where there. Any ideas? All of this had water inside and have some corision, maybe this is the reason? I also deasambly mechanism which connets magnet and head and its looks like it shouldnt be frilage to water. So i have no idea why it loose power and doesnt work.

bartlomiejoleszczukto - Antwort

Thanks. You saved my toothbrush. After accidently dropind it, the coil moved to close to the magnet.

Leszek Pudykiewicz - Antwort

Thanks a lot! All works fine now!

Ja Bra - Antwort

Spot on — fixed my Sonicare right up — many thanks!

If step 5 is confusing or difficult (as it was for me), please check the comment that I left for that step (above, next to the step description — click on the number of comments to see them. Once I figured how to disconnect the black plastic part from the metal part, everything else was easy.

Yuliy Gerchikov - Antwort

top battery terminal can be corroded as well, but the bottom of the battery is soldered on, so pull the top away and clean the top of the battery and the contact if you can. fixed mine which was just still stuttering when i pressed the power button even with the right gap.

Brian Kunkel - Antwort

In Step 5, the logic board felt like it was going to break if I applied pressure. So, I didn’t open that part and ignored the second screw. Instead I followed the advice from another site and used a little flat head and pried in between the magnet and the electromagnet and gently twisted it to give a gap, while holding apart i used my other hand to tighten the screw again.  Works fine now.

Don Rutherford - Antwort

This fixed the problem. Great guide.

shrikedoa - Antwort

Thanks for this. Worked a charm… and not what I was expecting!

I do think step 5 could be updated to be clearly about “push back”… although, having managed, I appreciate the arrow is correct…

hay ho.

LE Sacks - Antwort

Nice one, thank you. These toothbrushes seem so sensitive to being dropped, even only maybe 1 foot/ 30cm into the bathroom sink, and then they lose full power transfer to the brush head and make horrible noise! Now that I re-opened the gap, it sounds quiet and works as it should! :-)

Peter JZ - Antwort

Thank you very much for this!!! Yes I agree with others that for step 5, there are two plastic tabs that prevent the plastic part from sliding too far. Prying from two sides with a flathead screwdriver to undo the taps will make sliding the plastic part from metal frame a lot easier. I tired both max spacing and one credit card method, I couldn’t feel a significant difference. However I feel like it does vibrate stronger after I’ve fixed it.

terry - Antwort

Die Beschreibung in der Anleitung ist hervorragend. Reparatur war ein voller Erfolg —> fehlender Abstand zwischen Magnet und Antriebsteil war das Problem.

Klaus-Peter Sieber - Antwort

I knew it was something fixable because it wasn’t a charging issue or brush head. One day it didn’t turn on when I pushed the button and had to push it a couple of times. When it did it was really weak like I had it on the lowest setting even though it wasn’t. Hated to think about throwing it out because I have a Flexcare Platinum with the stand and UV sanitizer, not a cheaper model by any means. THANK YOU!! Can’t say that enough. All I did was pull up and outwards gently and it pulled away from the circuit board. DON’T pull hard otherwise you might rip off one or both of the red wires that attach it to the board. The wires are flexible enough to bend forward so you can get at that final screw to loosen the magnet enough to slide it down away from the upper portion and put the correct gap in.

Jeff - Antwort

In my case, I found that setting the air gap to 0.010” (0.25 mm) gave the best result.

Setting the magnets too far apart reduces the performance of the vibrating motor.

Frank P. - Antwort

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