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Чтобы собрать устройство, выполните пункты инструкции в обратном порядке.

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Can we do the same for iphone5?

Vimal Roy - Antwort

Hi . No. Only iPad 2 3G

Tikhonovich Lab -

apple refuse unlock daughters was in hit and run and just had brain hommorige hrlped her with hit run coz now cant hear but she can tape w

ords which show on screen we didnf use ipad from last october told apple loads things details of sites she had used but didnt help me only one man now shes 20 yrs old i bought bout 4 /5 yrs ago so only have box and paperwork stickers that com with it so her ipad set up on my email and itunes because shes was at collage please i cant get a new one cant afford it it updTed after charging as flst update started ios 10 didnt ask this to be done

pkease help if can id welcome ur ideas hard writing down messages im learning signing on my ipad 2 apple have now changed my password but spelt wrong and my its daughters ipad 2! that should changed , thanki so much my daughter silent had 20 yrs of her laughing now none x

W l m Ferguson - Antwort

cant get screen to go pasr the icloud password not changed it my self nor daughter ave old apple messages i never snt cwn i use ipad with plug in wifi apple keyboard thank u or her old phone

W l m Ferguson - Antwort

To bypass icloud lock from iPhone or ipad for free it’s not possible. The best way is to be used online servers, the one who do this is https://www.imeiunlocksim.com/unlock-pho... and can check there.

IMEIUnlock SIM - Antwort

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