I will be demonstrating the steps on how to take this product apart and how to break the circuit to the speaker that makes the beep sound; resulting in a quiet operating heater.

  1. This is the Touch Panel which has 3 functions: (1) Responds to User Input (2) Where the speaker is located on the board (3) Where  the trip-sensor is also located
    • This is the Touch Panel which has 3 functions: (1) Responds to User Input (2) Where the speaker is located on the board (3) Where the trip-sensor is also located

    • This is the Ceramic Heater Grill. NOTE: The Touch Panel & The Ceramic Grill are all one piece and make up the Front Cover.

    • This is the location of the Phillips Screws

    • This is the location of the T9 Torx Screws

  2. Start by Removing the Phillips Screws
    • Start by Removing the Phillips Screws

    • Then follow by removing the T9 Torx Screws

    • Start here buy gentle prying open the cover starting where the Grill/Touch Panel meet.


    • After the ceramic grill has been loosened then proceed to remove the rest of the front cover from the heater.

    • Be carful not to pull to hard when removing the cover, there are wires attached to the circuit board attached to the front cover. THERE DELICATE.

    • Start by removing the next pair of Phillips Screws

    • Carefully remove the Circuit Board from the Front Cover Casing.

    • Then Proceed to remove the connected Cable

    • Finish removing the last connected Cable.

    • Make note for later, the Smaller of the cables will be installed last when it comes time for Reassembly.

    • This is the Speaker.

      • This is what it looks like AFTER the cover and aluminum shielding has been removed.

    • This is what the Speaker will look like when looking at your Circuit Board.

    • This is the outlined area you need to carefully remove with wire cutters.

      • It may help to imagine a plus sign on top and cut in that pattern; made it easier for me while still being careful.

    • Be careful not to damage the copper coil as shown in the first photo that need to be intact for the heater to remain working otherwise it breaks the circuit completely; since the circuit path runs through the speaks for all functions.

    • This is the Aluminum Shielding that is under the Speaker Cover and Above the Copper coil ring. Its what creates the circuit so there is sound in the speaker. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE AFTER AND WHAT TO REMOVE.

    • This is the Speaker Cover, and as shown I removed mine through the Plus Pattern.

    • It's time to test our work. Before fully reassembling the Heater.

    • STEP 1 - Plug the cables back in carefully.

    • STEP 2 - with the Heater standing upright, position the Circuit Board upright as well; if you have to adjust the cable so it will stay do so, or even tape it temporarily works to.

      • Be Advised if the Circuit Board is not upright you will get a blinking green decimal on the panel. This means that the trip sensor is activated since the sensor is in this Circuit Board.

    • Once everything is in place, plug the heater in, which should have been near a circuit before starting.

    • You should hear a click sound which is the thermostat, and then no more beeps! Try out your panel buttons they should all work and be silent.

    • Make sure ONLY the larger plug is connected to the Circuit Board; we will connect the smaller one later to make it easier.

    • Then make sure all the Spring are lined up correctly and seated in there spots.

    • Press down on the Circuit Board until the board meets the cover and the Screw Holes are aligned with one another.

      • Make sure that the springs are still in alignment.

    • Then with one hand, place your screws in and tighten them.

    • Be sure to stop the moment they get tight you don't want to crack the board.

    • Take the smaller cable as mention earlier and connected to back to the Circuit Board

      • You might have to lean over to get a good line of sight since its going to be a challenge.

      • I recommend getting the plug in the connector and then using a free hand with a flat head and careful pushing the tip of the flat head on the back of the connector and pushing it in.

    • The Connection on the other side.

    • Before you place to Front Cover back on make sure all the GRILL clips are pressed down.

    • A video demostarting a successful removal of the speaker and a silent working heater.


Congratulations. Your done. Enjoy your silent heater!

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