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Compared with other smartphones, Huawei Honor 8 is a much easier phone to repair.


Step 1 Remove battery cover

Step 2 Remove motherboard and loudspeaker

Step 3 Remove battery

Step 4 Remove the broken LCD screen

Step 5 Install a new LCD screen

Step 6 Reassemble Huawei Honor 8

Video Instructions

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, Great job!

at 10 minites he start to put on some blue layer just to take it off again, why is that?

Is that the glue? If the blue is not the glue, what is holding the new display and the back of the phone on Place when we removed the glue at the begining?

Thanks / Ray

Raymond Sator - Antwort

The blue plastic ist a protective foil on the double sided adhesive. You attach the adhesive to the surface, then you remove protective foil

Marius Gerdes -

This is the hardest screen replacement I have ever done. There is more adhesive than phone for the front and back glass. After leaving the heat gun on for 10 minutes the back glass still shattered when trying to get an exacto knife blade under it. The front glass repair here is not a good example of how it would go for a shattered screen. Really it would just shatter more.

Alex Month - Antwort

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