Although the display of the P10 carries all the parts and calls for an extensive repair when it brakes, all other repairs are fairly simple.

Fancy toolbox style packaging.
  • Fancy toolbox style packaging.

  • Front and back reference photos.

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Two Pentalobe P2 screws on the bottom.
  • Two Pentalobe P2 screws on the bottom.

  • Remove the SIM card.

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  • Prying the case open with a plastic opening tool.

  • The fingerprint sensor ist still connected to the motherboard.

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  • The fingerprint sensor can be unplugged easily with a spudger.

  • Two metal brackets—one of the screws covered with a liquid indicator—secure the battery and interconnect cables as well as the display cable.

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  • The battery is held in place by two adhesive strip of which one of them has a pull tab for easy removal.

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  • The loudspeaker is glued in place with a mild adhesive.

  • With the metal shield removed we can unplug the interconnect cable, the antenna cable and the headphone connector.

  • The headphone jack and the daughterboard come out easily.

  • The vibrator is held in place by a mild adhesive.

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  • Both cameras are easy to remove. The connector of the dual camera is secured by a metal bracket.

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  • Three more Phillips screws hold the motherboard in place.

  • The earpiece speaker and the proximity and brightness sensor are fixed by mild adhesives.

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  • The power and volume button bracket can be removed very easily with a tweezers.

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  • With a little bit of heating one of the display corners can be lifted with an opening pick.

  • The adhesive on the side is cut with a halberd spudger.

  • Now the display cable can be thread through the frame.

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  • The Huawei P10 earns a 6 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

    • Many components are modular and can be replaced independently.

    • Only standard Phillips screws are used.

    • Except for the two Pentalobe screws on the bottom.

    • The battery can be replaced after removing a few cables and has a pull tab on one adhesive strip.

    • Components are adhered to the back of the fused display.

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