In this Fast Fix disassembly, we will teach you how to take apart your KRUPS milk foamer. Whether it is to fix a small problem or just out of curiosity, this guide will help you make a full disassembly using standard tools and making sure no parts are damaged in the process.

  1. Take off the plexiglass top.
    • Take off the plexiglass top.

    • Remove the white milk spinner from the inside of the foamer.

  2. Remove the 12mm Torx screws (x3) from the bottom of the foamer using a Torx TR10 screwdriver.
    • Remove the 12mm Torx screws (x3) from the bottom of the foamer using a Torx TR10 screwdriver.

    • Open the bottom of the foamer.

    • Take out the grey and white power cables by pulling out the slide connectors from the base.

    • Remove the 16mm Torx screw in the middle of the base using a Torx TR20 screwdriver.

    • Take off the black bottom from the main body.

    • Grab the power connector in the centre of the black bottom with a monkey wrench.

    • Twist the connector clockwise to remove the center power socket.

    • Remove the electromotor-plug using tweezers.

    • Make sure to squeeze the small tab on the side of the plug to release it easily.

    • Remove the electromotor by hand.

    • Remove the rubber housing from the electromotor.

    • Remove the small rubber cap from the other end of the electromotor.

    • Press on the two white clips to release the button case.

    • Push one side out first to make it easier.

    • Pull out the green ribbon cable through the rubber cover.

    • Pull off the rubber button caps from the button case.

    • Using tweezers, pull off the rubber cover from the base.

    • Slide one side of the tweezers under the rubber to get a grip.

    • Using your thumbs, push off the bottom plastic cover from the body.

    • Make sure to push and rotate frequently. Pushing on multiple points around the edge of the part allows it to come off easier and without breaking.

    • Due to this part being glued in, it takes some force to take it off.

    • The product is now fully disassembled.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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