If your upper agitator is failing to turn under a load, this tutorial will easily instruct you how to apply the most probable fix using two common tools and a $5.99 (max) readily available part.


  1. Kenmore Series 80 (Whirlpool).
    • Kenmore Series 80 (Whirlpool).

    • Prior to working on unit, make sure to unplug from power source.

    • Open lid to washer machine to expose interior of tub and agitator.

  2. Spin agitator by hand until small notch facing front.
    • Spin agitator by hand until small notch facing front.

    • Insert medium flat head screw driver into the small notch and pry cover up and off.

    • Looking Straight down the cam, a 7/16" head bolt can be seen.

    • Insert 7/16" socket with an extension to access the head of the bolt.

    • Using free hand, hold bottom of agitator when removing bolt.

      • 'Lower agitator will try to spin when loosing agitator cam bolt.

    • Remove agitator from washer tub by pulling straight up.

      • Lower and upper agitator may come up together, or upper agitator may only come up.

      • If both upper and lower agitator were removed together, gently separate them.

      • Put lower agitator aside, you will be only working with the upper agitator.

    • Gently remove auger cam from the top agitator.

      • Be careful not to lose the bolt still at base of cam.

      • Worn plastic pieces of the ratcheting dogs, may have also become broken.

      • Make sure all parts come up and out!

    • When removed, place cam upside down on a flat work surface.

    • Remove the retaining ring by sliding it straight up and off the cam shaft.

      • Be cognizant, during reassembly, the retaining ring fits back into the grooves on the shaft.

    • With the retaining ring removed, you can now access the ratcheting dogs.

    • Remove the 4 ratcheting dogs from their place.

    • Be sure to remove any broken pieces of the ratcheting dogs from their seat, or new dogs will not seat properly.

    • Pat # 80040: 4pk Ratcheting Dogs

      • The old ratcheting dogs should be extremely worn when compared to the new ratcheting dogs.

    • Insert each new ratcheting dog into the 4 available slots

    • Ensure that each ratcheting dog has free motion and is not hanging on anything.

    • Project is now ready for reassembly!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Brian Gill

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Is this the same procedure for a Kenmore Model 110? This just started happening to mine today. HELP!!!





yes, the Model 110 is the same as the series 80 I detailed in the repair.

good luck.

Brian Gill -

THANKS Brian Gill…

How hard is it to remove and replace the clutch?


Brian…this did not fix my problem. I’m afraid its a transmission and that is to much money to do a repair on a 29 year old washer. Thanks for you good instructions and photos though.



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