This guide explains how to remove the motherboard from the Kindle Fire HD 6. This guide has a lot of steps, so make sure to give yourself enough time to complete all of them.

Note that some of the connectors in this guide are delicate and require special removal, so make sure to read the steps completely before attempting them.

Place the device face down on a clean cloth or another smooth surface.
  • Place the device face down on a clean cloth or another smooth surface.

  • In the following steps, you will need to apply some force to your device. If your device is on a rough surface, you may scratch the screen.

  • Insert the plastic opening tool between the device’s front and back panels. You might need to wiggle the tool up and down to wedge it in the gap.

  • Maneuver the tool around the device until the back unclips from the front panel.

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Carefully separate the back panel from the rest of the device internals.
  • Carefully separate the back panel from the rest of the device internals.

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  • Unscrew the two 3.5mm T5 Torx Screws from the top of the camera.

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  • Be careful not to damage the camera lens as you remove the camera.

  • Gently pull the camera up and out of the device. As you pull, unclip the black and white connector with orange tape by popping it off at its base.

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  • Unscrew the two 3.5mm T5 Torx screws at the base of the speaker.

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  • Unclip the speaker wire that runs up the side of the battery and clips into the motherboard next to the battery connector. Gently pull it straight up.

How do you plug it back in?

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  • Lift the speaker out of the device.

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  • Gently pry the battery free from the adhesive holding it in place.

    • Take care not to pierce or rupture the battery, which can release dangerous chemicals.

    • If you're having trouble working the battery free, warm it up with an iOpener or hair dryer to soften the adhesive, and then slide a credit card behind the battery to break up the adhesive.

  • Be careful not to yank the battery out—you'll need to disconnect a connector before removing the battery completely.

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  • Remove the multi-colored connector that joins the battery and the motherboard by pulling it straight up.

  • Remove the battery.

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  • Zero insertion force connectors can break easily. Before performing this step, read the iFixit Guide to Recognizing and Disconnecting Cable Connectors to find out how to safely remove them.

  • Use the tip of the spudger to disconnect the two zero insertion force connectors on the bottom and top of the motherboard.

    • The first connector is attached to an orange tape, and is located in the bottom-right corner of the motherboard. Remove this connector.

    • The second connector is long and thin, and is located at the top of the motherboard, a bit to the right of center. Remove this connector.

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  • Disconnect the black and white connector at the very top-center of the motherboard by unclipping it using the flat side of the spudger.

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  • Unscrew the ten 3.5mm T5 Torx screws around the edge of the motherboard.

In my device, there were nine screws, 3 2mm and 6 3.5mm.

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  • Starting from the bottom, lift the motherboard out of the device. You will have to push the motherboard about two millimeters toward the top of the device to unhook the top edge.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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