If your battery isn't working, it may be time to replace it. This guide will show you how to replace the battery.

  1. With the tablet face down, pull out the SD card slot cover.
    • With the tablet face down, pull out the SD card slot cover.

    • Using a Philips #000 screwdriver, remove the 3mm screw in the SD card slot.

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  2. Insert a plastic opening tool in the small crevasse between the screen and the back.
    • Insert a plastic opening tool in the small crevasse between the screen and the back.

    • Pry the screen away from the back panel.

    • Repeat this on each edge of the device.

    • We found it helpful to leave multiple plastic opening tools wedged in the crevasse to prevent it from closing.

    • This requires heavy force. The back of the device is attached with adhesive. If the back panel is too hard to remove, use the iOpener.

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    • After using the plastic opening tools, pry open the device with your hands, removing the back panel from the screen.

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    • Remove the four 3 mm Phillips screws that hold down the speaker.

    • These screws are very small so make sure to keep track of them. You can use iFixit's Pro Magnetic Project Mat to help.

    On the VK810 Model you have to watch out for the antenna wire that runs along and is attached to the speaker by the means of a metal wire clip.

    What I would recommend is detaching the antenna wire from the top of the device then gently remove it from the clip.

    Then remove the speaker.

    On a side note does anyone know where to buy the little ant wire that runs across the speaker?

    Kyle - Reply

    • Use your fingers to remove the speaker.

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    • With a Philips screwdriver #000 unscrew the 3mm screws at the corners of the battery.

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    • Using a spudger or plastic opening tool, disconnect the ribbon cable from the right side of the device, where it is attached with adhesive.

      • These images use a metal spudger, which has the potential to damage the device. Use a plastic opening tool or standard spudger instead.

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    • Use the Philips screwdriver #000 to remove the 3mm screws at the bottom of the tape.

    • Remove the yellow tape from the device.

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    • Unhook the battery from where it is attached at the top of the device.

    Watch out: I had to remove the mainboard first, before being able to lift the battery with its attached hook on top.

    Sven Meier - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Every teardown I can find on this tablet has that darn screw in the sd card slot, but mine does not!! Does ANYBODY have teardown for mine? I can send pics, it's Verizon Gpad 8.3 LTE, slot holds sd and sim but NO screw. Son spilled water on it so screen is all dark and haptic stays on, I'd like to attempt the rice trick if I can open it.

Wesley Krasko - Reply

The other models have a sponge adhesive on the back of the battery.

Completely disregard the first screw.

supramaster2099 -

Wesley - Me too. I have no idea why Android released two different models with the same freaking model name. I thought they had more common sense than that. If anyone has the teardown for the new model, holler.

Slavelike Constructs - Reply

Same here. No screw

jon - Reply

sorry this teardown is not for the 8.3

krackeddude - Reply

I have the VK810, can't find instructions anywhere.

I also have no screw, but I got it open by starting on the right side and fitting a flat spudger between the frame and the screen and pressing the tool deeper towards the back. This unlocks the snap. There are 5 of these plastic snaps built into the body of the frame on the long sides and a few along the top and bottom. Once I got the right side slightly separated, I worked on the top, then the bottom (used 2 spudgers, one kept the gap open on the side while I worked the top and bottom), then continued inserting the tool along the left side until all the lock tabs were released. The internals look the same as these pics once I got it open. I need to replace the charger plug and will swap the battery as well while I'm at it.

Barrett Abney - Reply

so, where can I get a replacement battery from?

dalemcginnis - Reply

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