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This guide requires specialized equipment and microsoldering knowledge.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Nice Work. Instead of using the iron to solder it to the board, could you use a heat gun instead?

B Thomp - Antwort

Yes, use leaded solder and small amount of no clean flux, maximum heat of 250 c, as described my Molex datasheets and part will self align

Greg Hamilton - Antwort

We have repaired many of these LG G6 phones with damage to the sim card reader, it looks like it is a very common issue with this phone. The sim card tray gets stuck or jammed inside the reader, and when force is applied to pull the tray out, it ends up damaging the pins for the sim card or memory card reader. It is easily repaired though if you have the correct tools and skills!

smartfonefix - Antwort

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