This guide explain step by step how to replace the battery of your LG Optimus G with a couple of tools.

  1. SIM eject tool
    • SIM eject tool

  2. Remove the 2 screws holding the back cover using a T5 screwdriver.
    • Remove the 2 screws holding the back cover using a T5 screwdriver.

    • Use a guitar pick or a plastic opening tool to free the clips on the top and each side of the back cover.

    • Use an opening pick to pry off the rear case.

    • Remove the tape over the battery, the screws and the antenna connector cord.

    • Be careful removing the golden tape because it is below the antenna connector cord.

    • Remove the the screws securing the battery cable connector.

    • Disconnect the battery cable.

    • The battery is held down by some adhesive.

    • Carefully heat the battery to loosen the adhesive holding it to the case.

    • Pry the battery up from the case.

    • Be very careful not to puncture the battery when prying. Use blunt plastic tools.

    • The battery is removed.

    • Replace the battery with a new one.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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“Heat gun”is too vague. So is IR thermometer. What temperature to soften adhesive? How would I know if I was buying the right things?

Deep - Antwort

I’m not using a heat gun, it´s a hairdryer; on this case the hairdryer hardly exceeds the 60°C and that is enough to remove the battery. If you want to buy a heat gun you must be careful not to use more than 50 °

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Where do you suggest ordering a replacement battery from?

snack le - Antwort

you can search it on Amazon and buy directly from LG.

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