This guide will show you how to completely disassemble the LG Shine.

  1. This is a view of the phone before disassembly.
    • This is a view of the phone before disassembly.

    • NOTE: Your phone should be in one color, (red, black, or silver) not two.

    • NOTE: If it wasn't taken apart in this guide, it wasn't supposed to come apart.

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  2. Push on the button on the top of the phone to release the battery cover.
    • Push on the button on the top of the phone to release the battery cover.

    • Remove the battery cover, revealing the battery.

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    • Remove the battery from the housing by prying up from the bottom.

    • Now remove the sim card from its slot, it should pull out easily.

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    • Remove the six Phillips head screws holding the back of the phone casing.

      • Be sure not to accidentally detach the grounding clip in the corner of the casing (circled in yellow) or you will have to re-adhere it for reassembly.

    • Note the position of buttons before removal for reassembly.

    • To finish removing the back casing you will need to pry 5 plastic clips loose with a plastic spudger. There is on on the top near the button, two on the bottom, and one on each side

      • Do not push the spudger in to far during removal as not to damage the circuit boards.

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    • It is possible to remove and swap out these parts before reassembly: battery cover release button, grounding clip, charging and SD card slot covers, plastic/metal framework

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    • Remove the button strip by prying on the rubber pin loop on the top side of the strip.

    • Remove the camera by releasing the ribbon cable connection with a plastic spudger, then pulling it out with tweezers.

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    • Use a plastic spudger to lift the camera circuit board up, then pull it out.

      • If needed, release the clips and remove the plastic casing around this circuit board (revealing a soldered-on button battery) but you will need to remove and replace the sticky foam between the casing and the board.

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    • Pry the ribbon cable connection up with a plastic spudger and slide the screen up.

    • Pry each side of the phone case away from the motherboard releasing the clips to the motherboard.

    • Pull the motherboard out.

    • If the keyboard has not fallen out during removal, remove it now.

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    • If needed, you can remove the metal casing around the motherboard by bending the clips and lifting up on the right side. Take note that you will have to bend back the clips for reassembly.

    • You can also remove the rubber microphone gasket if needed.

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    • Remove the six Phillips head screws connecting the second half of the lower phone case to the sliders.

      • Keep these screws separate from the previous ones as they are a different size.

      • Be gentle with this step, it is easy to scratch the paint on the plastic, metal, and its also easy to tear the ribbon cable running through the slot.

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    • Remove the six Phillips head screws holding the screen casings together.

    • Remove two stickers covering two of the screws, these stickers may be reused for reassembly so don't throw them away.

      • These screws are the same as the previous phone casing screws from step 4.

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    • Release all the plastic clips at the bottom under the button pad, and pry slightly with a plastic spudger, then hold constant lift pressure where the spudger is and work the rest of the clips loose.

      • The LCD, speaker, and other parts have adhesives which will make it harder to open, do not pry too hard in one spot.

    • The button pad will be loose after this step, remove it along with the screen.

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    • Remove the front screen if needed, but you will most likely have to throw out the one you take off because of the adhesive on it.

    • Once the screen has been removed, you can replace the screen. Cleaning of the speaker dust filter is also possible.

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    • Remove the two black Phillips head screws holding the joystick assembly.

      • Keep these screws separate from all other screws.

    • Push down on the side of the clip holding the button assembly together and pry the side of the button assembly above the clip. (repeat on each side)

      • When removing, make sure you are not catching the bottom lip.

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    • Flip over the LCD and button assembly to the right, and if covered, peel the tape on the back of the button assembly back to expose a ribbon connection.

    • Use a plastic spudger to lift up the lock on the ribbon cable, this lets you pull the LCD out.

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    • Pry out the metal backing plate where the LCD was.

      • There are adhesives on each side of the plate, sticking to the ribbon cable, pry carefully.

    • Once removed, slide the ribbon cable through the slot in the casing.

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      • Keep pressure on the slide mechanism as it is spring loaded and will want to fly off the phone once the next screws are removed.

    • Remove the eight Phillips head screws.

      • Keep these away from all other screws, they are more flat so they sit flush under the LCD.

    • Once all these screws are removed, slowly and carefully peel the ribbon cable from the slider mechanism.

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    • Further take apart the slide mechanism by removing the spring with a plastic spudger.

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    • Carefully pry the speaker module out of the casing with a plastic spudger. Note that there will be adhesive holding it down.

    • Pull the module out of the top left corner, this will also have an adhesive backing.

    • Once this is removed, the phone will be completely disassembled.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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