The guide outlines the steps necessary to replace the Keypad in the LG VX8700. The keypad is used to to help direct what you are trying to do such as make a phone call.


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  1. Turn the phone off.
    • Turn the phone off.

    • Remove the back cover by sliding the tab away from the phone using one finger.

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  2. Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.
    • Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.

    • Carefully remove the battery and set it aside.

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    • When installing the battery, make sure to align the metal pins with those of the phone.

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    • Use a Phillips #0 Screwdriver to remove the nine 4 mm screws from the back cover.

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    • Insert the tip of the plastic opening tool into the small notch on the side of the case.

      • Slide the opening tool along the seam and around the edge of the phone to separate the case.

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    • Separate the two halves of the phone.

      • On the left is the back of the phone holding the logic board and key pad.

      • On the right is the plastic casing.

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    • Holding the phone casing with one hand, and the key pad assembly with the other, separate the phone case from the keypad/logic board.

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    • Remove the key pad from the logic board by pulling the two boards apart, separating this connection.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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When I separated the two halves a small brass piece came out and your instructions do not show nor mention what this is or where it goes. Not even a caution about it coming out upon separation of the halves. It appears to belong on one of the screw posts and because it is brass I believe it is supposed to complete a circuit.

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