This guide will detail the steps necessary to remove the keyboard from the Lenovo Essential G560 laptop. Please note that this is not an easy process and may take a bit of patience, especially when reinstalling or installing the new keyboard.


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  1. Turn off the computer.
    • Turn off the computer.

    • Disconnect the charging cable from the computer.

    • Failure to unplug the cable could result in electric shock.

    • Flip the computer upside down.

  2. Locate the two switches that lock the battery. Push the right-hand switch outward into the "unlocked" position.
    • Locate the two switches that lock the battery. Push the right-hand switch outward into the "unlocked" position.

    • Push and hold the left hand switch outward in the "unlocked" position, then gently slide the battery away from the computer.

    • Remove the seven 5.3 mm Phillips #1 screws holding the back panel in place.

    • Pull the back panel off using the highlighted tab. The tab should give you enough leverage to pull the panel off smoothly.

    • If the back panel is difficult to remove and feels like it is going to break, DO NOT force it. Check to confirm that all the screws are removed before attempting again.

    • The computer should be open with many of the internal components shown. You can now access the hard drive, the RAM, and the keyboard.

    • Remove the two 5.3 mm Phillips #1 screws from the underside of the laptop computer.

    • Remove the 4.4 mm Phillips #1 screw located next to the Fan Assembly.

    • Flip the computer over.

    • Using the plastic opening tool, push in the four small, plastic tabs located at the top of the keyboard.

    • Remove the keyboard by gently pulling the top loose, and then lifting the keyboard out.

    • While this step can be accomplished using your hand, it may be easier to use a spudger or plastic opening tool.

    • Lift the keyboard up from the bezel.

    • Push the gray latch on the keyboard cable ZIF connector forward to unlock it.

    • Carefully pull the keyboard cable from its socket.

    • Be very careful while unlatching the lock on the keyboard cable ZIF connector. It is extremely delicate and can easily break.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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