To remove motherboard from this laptop follow the following steps carefully.


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Turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the computer.

  • Disconnect the charging cable from the computer.

  • Failure to unplug the cable could result in electric shock.

Wouldn’t the risk of ESD damage be a bigger concern than electrical shock from a 20V/90W power supply? I mean, it would hurt, but it almost certainly wouldn’t kill you.

Arie Copley-Radder - Antwort

Flip the computer upside down.
  • Flip the computer upside down.

  • The red rectangle shows the location of the battery.

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  • Locate the two switches that lock the battery. Push the left-hand switch outward into the "unlocked" position.

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  • Now push and hold the right clip to the right while using your other hand to gently slide the battery away from the computer.

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  • Locate the hard drive enclosure (marked by the red rectangle).

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  • Use a small Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the single screw that holds down the hard drive enclosure cover.

  • The screw is designed to remain within the plastic cover. Don't worry about extracting it completely.

  • Carefully remove the hard drive enclosure cover.

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  • Gently pull the black pull tab out from above the hard drive. Continue pulling on the pull tab until the hard drive and the two plastic rails come out of the enclosure.

  • Pull on the tab firmly but slowly. The hard drive should come out of the enclosure effortlessly.

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  • Remove the plastic rails from the old SSD/hard drive and place them on the new SSD/hard drive.

One question: I wanted to replace my broken ssd with a new one. What do I do with the black plastic pull tab? I cannot really take it off and put it on the new drive. I'm afraid I wont be able to pull it out again if I don't have this on the new one. Or do I need to buy one? What is it called properly? Would be great to get some help on this!

Rete - Antwort

  • There are 2 screws securing the keyboard. You can identify them by a small keyboard symbol (marked by an orange rectangle in the second picture).

  • Once you have located the two screws, remove them with a small Phillips screwdriver.

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  • This step is not required.

  • Gently pull the strip out from the case.

How do I reinsert this strip? When I insert the bottom clips first I can’t get the top ones in and vice versa. Also I don’t understand the mechanism of the top clips, why do they have the shape they do?

Daan - Antwort

  • Use a a plastic spudger (or a flat screwdriver) to push the keyboard towards the screen. This will pop the bottom of the keyboard out of the casing.

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  • Carefully lift the keyboard so that you can access its connector.

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  • Carefully unplug the connector by pulling.

Don't pull on the orange band, as shown in the picture. For me it immediately ripped, even with only minimal force applied, thus ruining the wire.

Alex Stahl - Antwort

  • You are done - the keyboard is not connected to the laptop any more and can be replaced.

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  • Remove five 5.7mm screws from the bottom.

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  • Unscrew two 5.7mm screws from the top of the bottom of the laptop.

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  • Pull the palm rest off the laptop board.

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  • Unlock the white seal and disconnect the blue cable.

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  • Carefully disconnect blue and red cables and remove them from plastic case.

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  • Unlock white seal and diconnect blue cable from upper corner.

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  • Remove two 4.1mm screws from the black frame.

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  • Carefully pull off black frame from laptop board.

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  • Carefully lift the screen module straight up to detach from board.

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  • Remove a total of twenty-three 4.1mm screws from around the black plastic in the board.

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  • Disconnect black and red wires from bottom right corner.

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  • Carefully detach the motherboard (black plastic) from the laptop.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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is the cpu replaceable on one of these, or its soldered to the mobo? I want some laptop from the X- series wich will be able to handle an i7 (best if x230 as it is the newest i can afford)

Marcin - Antwort

The X230 CPU is soldered to the board. i7 not really worth it because the performance difference is about +5% and battery life is poor compared to the i5 X230.

Marshall Richards -

i am using lenovo x230, when i press the power button not show screen POST Bios (Blank Screen) but the power button and the flash light on. What is my x230 problem ? htttp://www.designstrusted.com

hanif.fuqoha - Antwort

Great walk-through.

I used this for my x220, which was identical apart from three minor differences.

Many thanks.

chris.r - Antwort

Really clear document, better to use than Youtube videos.

Koulutus5 Terasoft - Antwort

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