Taking the outer shell off is very easy and all of the internals are visible when it is removed.


  1. Remove the battery hatch and batteries.
    • Remove the battery hatch and batteries.

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  2. Remove the single Phillips screw located between the battery sockets.
    • Remove the single Phillips screw located between the battery sockets.

    I used this guide to open my Logitech M-RCQ142 (that looks almost the same). Logitech changed the one screw-system to four screws located in the same place, so this guide worked perfect. Thanks for sharing!

    WillemPirquin - Antwort

    • Lift the rear of the top case of the mouse and slide forward. It should be fairly easy to release.

    doesn't go deep enough. need to fix right switch. part numbers are required.

    Lewayne Gragert - Antwort

    I doubt you can get parts for this, it's not a high ticket item.

    Anna Sweetnam - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I got to step 3. where is step 4?

hawaii50 - Antwort

What are you trying to do? All of the innards are available once step 3 is complete.

Anna Sweetnam - Antwort

Hi, just to say that its a utility named ProxyTool from Logitech that can be used to adjust the behavior of hand detection feature. here you go the file: ftp://ftp.logitech.com/pub/techsupport/m... or https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1rq7s6wzt4ohu...

You can literaly disable the Couch Mouse M515 hand proximity sensor

Luis Frederico - Antwort

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