Benutze diese Anleitung, um die kleine Abdeckunshaube aus Kunststoff zu ersetzen, die dazu dient, die kühle Luft in Richtung Kühlkörper zu leiten.


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  1. Lege deine Daumen in die Vertiefungen der unteren Abdeckung.
    • Lege deine Daumen in die Vertiefungen der unteren Abdeckung.

    • Drehe die untere Abdeckung entgegen dem Uhrzeigersinn, bis der weiße Markierungspunkt am Rand der Abdeckung dem kleinen Kreis am Gehäuse gegenübersteht.

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  2. Neige den Mac Mini etwas, um die Abdeckung vom Gehäuse abzunehmen.
    • Neige den Mac Mini etwas, um die Abdeckung vom Gehäuse abzunehmen.

    • Entferne die Abdeckung und lege sie zur Seite.

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    • Der Lüfter ist mit zwei 11,3 mm T6 Torx Schrauben in der Nähe der Antennenplatine am Logic Board befestigt. Drehe sie heraus.

    There are actually 3 T6 screws securing the fan. The third screw is out of the screenshot, just below the RAM.

    inferno10 - Antwort

    Nope, that third screw is actually just a post that the rubber grommet attached to the fan body slips over. Step 4 shows how the fan comes off of it. When you go to remove the fan, you simply remove the two screws closest to the antenna plate and then lift the fan off this post. The screw you are talking about is removed in Step 14 and does not need to be removed until this point.

    Andrew Bookholt -

    Successful install completed, but I had some trouble getting the fan reinstalled. When I removed the fan from the "Step 14" post, the rubber piece stayed on the post. When attempting to reinstall the fan, it was impossible to get the loop to go back over that rubber piece. So, I had to remove the post (again), and with the help of the spudger and some patience, worked it through. Then installed the fan using the 2 screws and the post. I think it may have saved some time and trouble if I just removed all 3 in the first place, leaving the post in the fan.

    meag -

    On mine I needed to remove the 26 mm T6 Torx standoff during this step rather than step 12

    philipashlock - Antwort

    on my mid-2011 mac mini, that 3rd T6 post/screw had to be removed to get the fan out. It goes right through a hole in the fan housing. No way the grommet is slipping over anything without wreaking major havoc.

    Derek Shaw - Antwort

    On my mid-2010 mac mini, also removed the 26 mm T6 Torx standoff during this step instead of step 12. Having completed the steps, it appears my hard drive is from mid 2011, so maybe the production line for mine had changed.

    jstraath - Antwort

    • Hebe die Ausbuchtung am Lüfter, der dem RAM am nächsten ist, aus dem Abstandshalter am hinteren Gehäuse.

    Whats a standoff? Is that a screw?

    brzmn - Antwort

    A standoff is like a screw extender. It screws into a screw-hole, and its head has a screw hole on it. When you attach something to a standoff, it makes that something stand off the original screw-hole surface.

    cityzen -

    Pulling on the ear didn't do anything, so I removed the whole screw at this step. The screw stayed fixed on the fan and I didn't have to remove it at the step where you remove the logic board screws.

    Probably I didn't want to use too much force .. but it worked

    Alexander Kogler - Antwort

    This is the approach I used. no way was the "ear" pulling over the head of the standoff without breaking something. The standoff simply unscrewed from whatever is under the logic board and stayed with the fan assembly. WAY safe

    Derek Shaw -

    Loosen the fan standoff from the motherboard using a T6 driver.

    bobcloninger - Antwort

    When I pulled the fan ear off the standoff the rubber grommet stayed on the standoff. That's fine, but it makes it difficult to put the fan ear back on during reassembly. So I just pulled the rubber grommet off the standoff and put it into the hole in the fan ear. Then I was able to push the fan ear onto the standoff with out trouble during reassembly.

    dhein - Antwort

    It seems easiest to just remove this screw now. It comes out in Step 12 anyway. This way you don't have to mess with the rubber grommet.

    moecastleton - Antwort

    • Hebe den Lüfter ein Stück weit aus dem Mini, um an seinen Stecker zu gelangen.

    • Ziehe die Lüfterkabel vorsichtig nach oben, um den Stecker des Lüfters aus seinem Sockel auf dem Logic Board zu ziehen.

    • Entferne den Lüfter.

    I was a bit too rough in unclipping the fan and broke off the connector on the board?

    Is my only option to replace the board?

    Anthony DeFreitas - Antwort

    • Entferne die 3,5 mm Torx T6 Schraube, die die Kühlhaube am Kühlkörper befestigt.

    This is a screw into the head of another screw below it that holds the main board. When I took out the fan, the top screw AND the longer 26 mm screw came out together so when I was putting my mini back together I thought for a moment I had lost a screw.

    info - Antwort

    Mine is stuck together too, but with a twist. They are not coming off. It starts to "jump" in the end, probably because the cover is pushing inwards the metal case. Any suggestion?

    douglaslondrina - Antwort

    In my Mac mini there is no cowling. Maybe a previous owner didn’t put it back?

    Doeke Zanstra - Antwort

    • Hebe die Kühlhaube am Ende in der Nähe der Antennenplatte hoch.

    • Drehe die Haube weg vom Gehäuse und entferne sie vom Mini.

    This is wrong step. If you need remove this out, it would be better to pull out logic board, and remember to remove cables attached on it before pull out.

    Lin Adison - Antwort


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