Der Austausch des RAM ist ohne Werkzeug leicht durchzuführen. Du kannst dadurch deinen Mini leistungsstärker machen.

  1. Mit den Daumen in die Vertiefungen der Bodenplatte drücken.
    • Mit den Daumen in die Vertiefungen der Bodenplatte drücken.

    • Die Bodenplatte jetzt gegen den Uhrzeigersinn drehen, bis der weiße Punkt mit der Markierung auf dem Außengehäuse übereinstimmt.

      • Während des Drehens sollte man nicht zu fest drücken.

    This took a lot of force on my Mac mini. A lot.

    nh3 - Antwort

    I agree. It took a crap ton of force from my thumbs to twist the bottom off.

    sleeve -

    I accidentally broke the little things that hold the cover to the case. Is there a cheap replacement to the cover? Those clips are held onto it very weakly.

    Jacob Halton - Antwort

    Don't just use your thumbs... Use your whole palm to twist it, with maybe a thumb in one of the recesses, applying slight downward pressure.

    markbart - Antwort

    I think it depends, I have seen some that are very difficult to open and some super easy. But I see them everyday. I wish there was a tool that fit in the holes.

    Justin Weathersbee - Antwort

    When seating the bottom RAM chip you may have to apply a little extra side force to get it to seat properly. I put in the new RAM and just got a beeping sound upon starting. I then put the old RAM back in and got the same result.

    Here is the solution I found on the Apple discussion board.

    "Take a small flat head screwdriver and after you put the memory in slot 0, put the screwdriver between the top of the mac mini and the memory then turn the screwdriver a little to exert pressure on the memory into the slot. Do it on both sides of the memory."

    This worked for me.

    littlemas2 - Antwort

    I remember this when I was changing my memory ... I realized (after opening) that more you push, more force it take to open the cover. As you push down you force the cover "to rub" the casing and possibly other things inside. If you "lightly" hold the cover it comes right off ... Remember: less is more! :-)

    Have fun!

    Radek - Antwort

    We found it hard to use the thumbs but if you put the casing on a carpet and one person is holding the case while the other is using his palm of one hand to turn the cover it comes off quite smoothly and without much downward pressure.

    Alexander - Antwort

    Use your whole palm to twist it, with maybe a thumb in one of the recesses, applying slight downward pressure. Thewatchseries

    mariya dems - Antwort

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  3. Den Mini leicht kippen, damit sich die Bodenplatte vom Gehäuse löst.
    • Den Mini leicht kippen, damit sich die Bodenplatte vom Gehäuse löst.

    • Bodenplatte entfernen und beiseite legen.

    I have a late 2012 Mac mini, but it must be an earlier version than this late 2012 Mac mini in this description, because removing the hard drive is much more complicated than described here. Please see this YouTube video if you have trouble removing your hard drive with these directions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvmuQIZP... There is a longer process you've got to go through. It can be done, it just takes much longer. (3-4 hours for me)

    sandyfacebook - Antwort

    This applied to me as well. The iFixit article was good and lots of helpful information in the comments but my mini was different and required more dismantling. The video sandyfacebook posted was very helpful in taking me the rest of the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvmuQIZP...

    Erik Heerlein -

    My HDD replacement procedure took 2 jours of research, one night sleeping on it and 30 minutes to perform…

    Rene Girardin - Antwort

    • Löse die Rasten auf jeder Seite des RAM Riegels, indem du gleichzeitig jede Rasten weg vom RAM drückst.

    • Diese Rasten halten den Riegel fest, wenn du sie öffnest, sollte der Riegel etwas heraus springen.

    • Wenn er sich gelöst hat, kannst du ihn aus dem Sockel ziehen.

    • Wiederhole alles, wenn ein zweiter Riegel verbaut ist.

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Here is an important trick: Apply no downward pressure while turning the cover. Pressing down will make it harder to turn.

I found this out when searching the web for why I couldn't open the bottom cover.

Lionel Hummel - Antwort

I have just fitted the two 8 GB rams but despite refitting several times my computer is only reading one card. It simply says 8 GB memory and one space available. The cards slotted tightly and clicked in position. I have tried exerting a little pressure on the cards to see if there was not good contact but they appear connected. Any ideas please?

Graham - Antwort

I had difficulty, only one card is read, the computer says i slot available. Have fitted several times and exerted pressure to ensure contact but still only one card read. Any ideas please?

Graham - Antwort

You should try to find out if the DIMM or the slot is broken: I suppose you tried to switch the DIMMs? The easiest way is to try only one DIMM (memory module), first in the lower slot, then in the upper slot.

IMPORTANT: reset the PRAM after altering the configuration, i.e. after moving a DIMM to another slot. (Hold Cmd+Opt+P+R when turning on the Mac and keep holding the keys until you've heared the start chime two times.)


If the one DIMM works in both slots, the slots are okay. Now try the other DIMM. If the second DIMM also works in both slots, I frankly have no other idea than to try a different version of OS X to rule out the possibility of a software problem.

muttztfz -

Removing the cover from the case: come on, people! Use force, but use it gently! There is no way to break things if you turn it into the direction of the second dot (to the left, counterclockwise). If you have to use force, don't push down towards the case, but use this force towards the intended cover rotation – you obviously have to push down also for the grip, but other than that: turn, baby, turn!

muttztfz - Antwort

I also had the problem of one of the two DIMMs not being recognized. It was the one in the upper socket. This socket seems to be harder to get a DIMM to seat into it. Too much of the electrical contacts on the DIMM board will be visible if the board isn't fully seated (visually compare to working one to see difference). I ended up having to use more force than I liked to get it to seat, but it did finally slide in far enough into the socket and upon reboot was recognized so now have two 8GB for 16GB total.

Mac Man - Antwort

I want to upgrade the memory of my mac mini (mid 2011) and i've seen on Apple Site that the limit is 8GB (2X4) for this period. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205041 , is anyone have installed more than 8GB and what was the results ?

David Courtin - Antwort

Yes, this works fine up til 16 GB

Felmen Schinkel -

I added 8GB chip replacing 2 2GB chips, but now the Mac mini just beeps every 7 secs and the power light flashes on and off at the same time.. Any Advice?


Paul - Antwort

This indicates that the ram is not installed properly. You could try to reinstall the memory. If this doesn't work you can try two other RAM modules. Maybe one or both two memory modules are broken.

Felmen Schinkel -

I replaced two 2GB 1333 MHz for two 4GB 1600 MHz. And it worked for me on this Mac mini model 2011.

Felmen Schinkel - Antwort

Could you specify manufacturer and exact product name please?

Diderik Cappelen -

I bought my Mac Mini refurbished from a reseller on Amazon. I got it, plugged it in and says it has 5GB of RAM. I opened up the back and their are 2x8GB sticks. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Eric - Antwort

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